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China 3 inches 304 stainless steel plastic roller window blinds pulley single wheel V-shaped double bearing pulley idler pulley



Overview of Different Types of Pulleys

A pulley is a wheel mounted on a shaft or shaft. Its purpose is to facilitate the movement or change of direction of the cable or taut rope, and to transmit power between the cable and the shaft. Pulleys are typically used for lifting, winding or forklift applications. If you are building your own pulley system, the following design and installation considerations should be followed. This article will give you an overview of the different types of pulleys.

Pulley System Mechanics

There are many different ways to utilize the mechanism of the pulley system. The most basic pulley system consists of a fixed wheel and a support frame. Both components are connected by ropes or cables used to support the load. A pulley system is effective when the force required to lift the load is less than the weight of the object being lifted.
One way to use a pulley system is to suspend a block with a mass of 0.80 kg on a fixed pulley. Then another person can hang a bucket weighing up to 40kg. The weight of the bucket is transferred to the fixed pulley. The rope is attached to the pulley by a loop or sling. The rope will spin and pull on the barrel or block.
The pulley system is also an important tool for lifting heavy objects. Pulleys are often used in construction equipment to make lifting heavy objects easier. Gun tackles, yard tackles, and stationary tackle systems are common examples of these devices. They use the mechanical advantage of the design to guide the force that lifts the object. If you want to learn more about pulley systems, visit Vedantu. This website will provide you with a full description of the mechanism and its application.

Types of pulleys

Many different types of pulleys are used to lift heavy objects. They change the direction of the force and are an integral part of the cable system. Therefore, pulleys can move large and heavy objects more easily. However, before buying a pulley, you should have an idea of ​​the benefits it brings. Below are some of the most common uses for pulleys.
Conical Pulley: Consists of several small conical pulleys connected to each other. The larger base of one pulley is used to guide the force. Round pulleys are used in the same way as step pulleys. They are widely used in industry and can be purchased at any hardware store. Pulleys are a huge investment, and the benefits they provide far outweigh the cost.
Movable Pulls: These are similar to their names, but work by allowing objects to move with the pull. Their movable parts are attached to the object to be lifted. They are also ideal for lifting heavy loads and can be found in utility elevators and construction cranes. They are also used in many other industries. They can also be made of wood, plastic or metal. The type of pulley you use depends on its intended use.

Mechanical Advantages of Pulley Systems

A pulley system is a simple machine that reduces the effort required to lift heavy loads. This mechanical advantage is proportional to the number of loops. For example, if you have a single rope loop, you must apply equal force to lift the weight. When you add another rope loop, you can lift heavier weights just by applying the same force. Therefore, a pulley system is an excellent way to use gravity to your advantage.
Mechanical advantage is a measure of the effectiveness of a pulley system. This ratio of force to work is called the mechanical advantage. In other words, if the rope system has a large mechanical advantage, it means that it requires less force to lift heavier loads. This advantage is usually measured in kilograms and is the same for all pulley systems. In general, the greater the mechanical advantage, the less effort is required to lift the load.
The mechanical advantage of a pulley system is that a single movable pulley requires half the force to lift an object than a single fixed pulley. Assuming frictionless bearings, the MA of a single pulley system is 2, similar to the MA of a single lever. A single pulley travels twice as much as it takes to move heavy objects manually.

Considerations when designing and installing a pulley system

The capacity of the pulley depends on the type and diameter of the cable. Besides its diameter, its sheath should also support it well. The basic function of the pulley is also important. However, most people tend to ignore the pulley selection process, resulting in ineffective load-pull capabilities. To avoid such problems, different parameters must be carefully considered during design and installation.
During the design and installation of the pulley system, the ratio of the cable diameter to the largest pulley diameter must be considered. Those who work in the industrial sector will have an idea of ​​this ratio. The greater the D:d ratio, the greater the capacity of the cable to withstand the load. The best way to ensure secure design is to take the right information and use it to design a system that is both robust and secure.
When designing a pulley system, it is important to remember that the pulley needs to have enough power to operate safely. In addition to horsepower, the belt should have sufficient elongation to absorb shock loads. If the elongation of the belt is very small, it is very likely that the teeth will be sheared or broken, causing serious damage to the system. Extensive belt sag should be compensated for by offsetting the driven pulley. Finally, the frame supporting the pulley should be rigid. Otherwise, the non-rigid frame will cause center distance and tooth skipping changes.

Add more pulleys to the system

Adding more pulleys to the spool might have some effect. The friction between the rope and the pulley increases with the number of pulleys, which in practice limits the number of spools. The best solution is to combine the pulleys into one housing. If the load is small enough, adding a few pulleys probably won’t make a difference.
Using multiple pulleys allows a single load to be lifted with half the force required. The longer the rope, the greater the mechanical advantage. In fact, a spool can withstand a load of 100 N. Additionally, adding more pulleys quadrupled the mechanical advantage. In this case, a single 100 N load would require a force of 25 Newtons.
When the rope is used, it stretches as the weight of the object increases. This will make the rope longer, increasing its length and increasing the distance over which the load can be lifted. Eventually, the rope will break and the lifted object will fall. Then you will have to buy a new rope. It may seem like an expensive proposition, but it pays off in the long run.

cast iron pulley

Cast iron pulleys are the most popular choice among industrial users. They are made of solid cast iron and usually cost very little. Their rims are held in place by a mesh that extends from a central boss. They also have spokes and arms that hold them in place. These pulleys are ideal for a variety of applications including fan belts, compressors and conveyors.
V-groove drive pulleys are ideal for general purpose pulleys. It has an inner diameter of one inch and is commonly used in feeders and ventilation curtain systems. Its steel straps prevent rust and ensure it meets or exceeds industry standards. 3-1/2″ cast iron pulleys are also available. In addition to the V-groove drive pulley, there are similar pulleys for power transmission. The V-groove drive pulley is powder coated for added durability.
The cross section of the arm is elliptical, with the long axis twice as long as the short axis. The radius of the arm is equal to the diameter of the pulley. The thickness of the arm is a key factor to consider when purchasing a pulley. If you’re not sure which material you need, you can always consider wooden or steel pulleys. They are lighter and have a higher coefficient of friction than metal pulleys.

timing pulley

Plastic timing pulleys have many advantages over steel timing pulleys. On the one hand, they are lightweight and corrosion resistant, making them ideal for applications that do not require high torque and tensile strength. Another benefit is their resistance to high temperatures. Plastic timing pulleys are ideal for applications involving flammable gases, solvents or particles. They can last for many years. For more information on the different types of plastic timing pulleys.
Vertical shaft drives require flanged timing pulleys. For large span drives, at least one of these pulleys must be flanged. The flange provides a secure connection to the shaft and prevents ratcheting of the timing belt. Finally, HTD timing belt teeth prevent timing belt ratcheting. These teeth need a large enough space to be seated. However, they can also cause a backlash. These pulleys are not suitable for applications where positional accuracy is critical.
Timing belt systems are designed to avoid such problems. The drive shaft and the driven shaft are aligned with each other. The pulleys are located on different planes and are connected by pitch lines. The pitch line of the timing pulley coincides with the pitch line of the belt. These pulleys are also easier to implement and maintain. It is better to use a synchronous system because the resulting gear system emits less noise than other systems.

China 3 inches 304 stainless steel plastic roller window blinds pulley single wheel V-shaped double bearing pulley     idler pulley	China 3 inches 304 stainless steel plastic roller window blinds pulley single wheel V-shaped double bearing pulley     idler pulley
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China OEM U V Slot Steel Ball Bearing Textile Yarn Guide Industrial Plastic Sheave Cable Rope Ceramic Coated Wire Jump Preventer Idler Roller Stainless Guiding Pulley factory

Item Description

U V slot steel ball bearing Textile Yarn Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Industrial Plastic Sheave Cable Rope Ceramic Coated Wire Jump Preventer Loafer Roller Stainless Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Pulley

Stainless Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Pulley(Stainless Loafer Pulley, Roller Xihu (West Lake) Dis.)

Ceramic pulley with aluminum flange (Wire guidebook pulleys ) is typically utilized comp1nt when wire passing is essential, it can be utilised in coil winding equipment, cable machine and the textile machinery as well. The porcelain ring is mounted on the bearing, Coil winding wire information pulley(wire roller) will rotate by the thread and wire passing on the surface of the ring. Hence the sliding friction has been transformed to the static friction.

But at the start and cease, in buy to defeat the inertia, there will be a partial sliding friction. The floor Polish degree of the porcelain ring reaches Ra0.2 The beating during rotation is underneath .fifteen. We choose the 99% Al2O3 as the material with the hardness of HRA88 and the density of 3.eighty five…Two nylon facet partitions have been place to the the two aspect of the ceramic ring and the bearing, coil winding wire information pulley (wire roller) brings together 1 wire roller.

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Lively Pulley: The “enter” pulley in a twin-pulley program. The shaft of this pulley is pushed by some thing like a motor, a crank, or probably another pulley in larger programs. This pulley controls the motion of the belt.
Lively Pulley: The “input” pulley in a twin-pulley technique. The shaft of this pulley is driven by one thing like a motor, a crank, or possibly yet another pulley in bigger programs. This pulley controls the movement of the belt.

China OEM U V Slot Steel Ball Bearing Textile Yarn Guide Industrial Plastic Sheave Cable Rope Ceramic Coated Wire Jump Preventer Idler Roller Stainless Guiding Pulley     factory

440c Custom made in China – replacement parts – in Owerri Nigeria Stainless Steel Bearing Ss603 Ss603-Zz Ss603-2RS with top quality

440c  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Owerri Nigeria  Stainless Steel Bearing Ss603 Ss603-Zz Ss603-2RS with top quality

We – EPG Team the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing unit in China with 5 different branches. For a lot more particulars: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828

440C Stainless steel deep groove ball bearing 

Stainless steel bearings are broadly utilized in all sorts of standard corrosion merchandise&time period In contrast with frequent chrome metal bearings&comma stainless steel bearings have stronger ru EPT and anti corrosion performances and warmth resistant stainless metal bearing can be utilized beneath -60C ~ &plus300C higher temperature atmosphere&time period

Main apps
Health care equipment and devices&comma maritime&comma cryogenic engineering&comma optical instrument&comma large-pace equipment&comma higher-speed electric powered machinery&comma printing equipment&comma food gear&period

1&comma Accuracy class&colon ABEC-1&comma ABEC-3&comma ABEC-5&comma ABEC-7&comma ABEC-9&comma precision stainless bearing strart from ABEC-5&comma the greater number&comma the greater precision&period 
two&comma  Bearing measurements&colon We are able of offering smalle EPT interior diameter 2mm miniature stainless bearing&comma also able of delivering internal diameter get to to 600mm huge stainless metal thin part bearing&period of time We could supply all of the metric or inch stainless bearing in this dimension selection&interval In addition&comma we can personalize specific measurement stainless steel bearings according to distinct specifications&comma such as stainless metal bearing u groove & v groove&period 
three&comma Sealing form&colon Shielded or Sea EPT and Open are accessible&period of time
Stainless steel ball bearings can resi EPT corrosion induced by moisture and EPT specific medium&period of time The stainless deep groove ball bearings and common deep groove ball bearings created of chrome steel have the same deep groove raceway&period The in shape amongst raceway and bal EPT is extremely properly&period Even under the condition of high speed&comma stainless steel deep groove ball bearings not only bear radial load&comma but also can withstand two-way axial load&period of time

 Data sheet 

d &lparmm&rpar D &lparmm&rpar B &lparmm&rpar
SSr09 ZZ & 2RS  1&period016 3&period175 one&period191
SSr0 ZZ & 2RS  1&period191 three&period967 1&period588
SSr1 ZZ & 2RS  one&period397 four&period763 1&period984
SSr1-4 ZZ & 2RS  one&period984 six&period35 3&period571
SSr1-5 ZZ & 2RS  two&period38 7&period938 3&period571
SSr2a ZZ & 2RS  3&period175 12&period7 four&period366
SSr144 ZZ & 2RS  three&period175 6&period35 two&period38
SSr2-5 ZZ & 2RS  3&period175 seven&period938 3&period571
SSr2 ZZ & 2RS  three&period175 nine&period525 three&period967
SSr2-6 ZZ & 2RS  three&period175 9&period525 three&period571
SSr133 ZZ & 2RS  3&period38 4&period763 2&period38
SSr155 ZZ & 2RS  3&period967 seven&period938 3&period175
SSr3 ZZ & 2RS  four&period762 12&period7 4&period978
SSr3a ZZ & 2RS  4&period763 fifteen&period875 4&period978
SS1601 ZZ & 2RS  four&period763 17&period463 seven&period938
SSr156 ZZ & 2RS  4&period763 seven&period938 three&period175
SSr166 ZZ & 2RS  4&period763 9&period525 three&period175
SSr4 ZZ & 2RS  six&period35 fifteen&period875 four&period978
SS1602 ZZ & 2RS  six&period35 17&period463 7&period938
SSr4a ZZ & 2RS  6&period35 19&period05 5&period558
SSr188 ZZ & 2RS  six&period35 nine&period525 3&period175
SSr168 ZZ & 2RS  6&period35 nine&period525 three&period175
SSr1810 ZZ & 2RS  7&period938 12&period7 3&period967
SS1603 ZZ & 2RS  seven&period938 22&period225 8&period733
SS1605 ZZ & 2RS  7&period938 23&period017 seven&period938
SS1604 ZZ & 2RS  9&period525 22&period225 eight&period733
SSr6 ZZ & 2RS  9&period525 22&period225 seven&period142
SS1606 ZZ & 2RS  9&period525 23&period017 7&period938
SS1614 ZZ & 2RS  nine&period525 28&period575 nine&period525
SS1607 ZZ & 2RS  11&period113 23&period017 7&period938
SS1615 ZZ & 2RS  eleven&period113 28&period575 9&period525
SS1620 ZZ & 2RS  eleven&period113 34&period925 11&period113
SS1616 ZZ & 2RS  12&period7 28&period575 9&period525
SSr8 ZZ & 2RS  12&period7 28&period575 seven&period938
SS1621 ZZ & 2RS  twelve&period7 34&period925 eleven&period113
SS1622 ZZ & 2RS  14&period288 34&period925 11&period113
SSr1458 ZZ & 2RS  15&period875 22&period225 three&period967
SS1623 ZZ & 2RS  15&period875 34&period925 eleven&period113
SSr10 ZZ & 2RS  fifteen&period875 34&period925 8&period733
SS1628 ZZ & 2RS  fifteen&period875 forty one&period275 12&period7
SS1633 ZZ & 2RS  fifteen&period875 44&period45 12&period7
SS1630 ZZ & 2RS  15&period875 44&period45 twelve&period7
SSr12 ZZ & 2RS  19&period05 41&period275 eleven&period113
SS1635 ZZ & 2RS  19&period05 44&period45 12&period7
SS1638 ZZ & 2RS  19&period05 fifty&period8 fourteen&period288
SSr14 ZZ & 2RS  22&period225 forty seven&period625 twelve&period7
SS1640 ZZ & 2RS  22&period225 50&period8 14&period288
SS1641 ZZ & 2RS  twenty five&period4 50&period8 fourteen&period288
SSr16 ZZ & 2RS  twenty five&period4 fifty&period8 twelve&period7
SSr18 ZZ & 2RS  28&period575 53&period975 12&period7
SS1652 ZZ & 2RS  28&period575 63&period5 15&period875
SSr20 ZZ & 2RS  31&period75 fifty seven&period15 twelve&period7
SS1654 ZZ & 2RS  31&period75 sixty three&period5 fifteen&period875
SS1657 ZZ & 2RS  31&period75 65&period088 17&period463
SS1658 ZZ & 2RS  33&period338 65&period088 17&period463
SSr22 ZZ & 2RS  34&period925 sixty three&period5 fourteen&period288
SSr24 ZZ & 2RS  38&period1 sixty six&period675 fourteen&period288
SS681 ZZ & 2RS  one 3 one
SS691 ZZ & 2RS  one four 1&period6
SS681x ZZ & 2RS  one&period5 four one&period2
SSmr63 ZZ & 2RS  one&period5 4 one&period2
SS82x ZZ & 2RS  1&period5 4 1&period2
SS691x ZZ & 2RS  1&period5 five two
SS601x ZZ & 2RS  1&period5 six two&period5
SSmr52 ZZ & 2RS  2 5 two
SS682 ZZ & 2RS  2 five one&period5
SSmr62 ZZ & 2RS  2 6 two&period5
SS692 ZZ & 2RS  two six two&period3
SS602 ZZ & 2RS  two 7 two&period8
SSmr72 ZZ & 2RS  two 7 2&period5
SS682x ZZ & 2RS  2&period5 six one&period8
SS692x ZZ & 2RS  two&period5 7 2&period5
SS602x ZZ & 2RS  2&period5 eight two&period8
SS623 ZZ & 2RS  3 ten four
SS633 ZZ & 2RS  3 thirteen 5
SS683 ZZ & 2RS  three seven two
SS693 ZZ & 2RS  3 eight 3
SSmr93 ZZ & 2RS  3 9 two&period5
SS603 ZZ & 2RS  three 9 three
SSmr104 ZZ & 2RS  4 ten three
SS694 ZZ & 2RS  four eleven 4
SS604 ZZ & 2RS  4 twelve 4
SS624 ZZ & 2RS  4 13 five
SS634 ZZ & 2RS  four 16 five
SSmr74 ZZ & 2RS  four seven 2
SSmr84 ZZ & 2RS  four eight 2
SS684 ZZ & 2RS  4 9 two&period5
SSmr105 ZZ & 2RS  five ten 3
SS685 ZZ & 2RS  five eleven 3
SSmr115 ZZ & 2RS  5 eleven 4
SS695 ZZ & 2RS  five 13 four
SS605 ZZ & 2RS  five fourteen five
SS625 ZZ & 2RS  five sixteen 5
SS635 ZZ & 2RS  5 19 six
SSmr85 ZZ & 2RS  5 8 two
SSmr95 ZZ & 2RS  5 9 two&period5
SSmr106 ZZ & 2RS  six ten two&period5
SSmr126 ZZ & 2RS  6 12 3
SS686 ZZ & 2RS  six thirteen three&period5
SS696 ZZ & 2RS  six fifteen five
SS606 ZZ & 2RS  6 seventeen six
SS626 ZZ & 2RS  6 19 6
SS636 ZZ & 2RS  six 22 seven
SSmr117 ZZ & 2RS  7 11 two&period5
SSmr137 ZZ & 2RS  seven thirteen three
SS687 ZZ & 2RS  7 fourteen three&period5
SS697 ZZ & 2RS  7 seventeen 5
SS607 ZZ & 2RS  seven 19 6
SS627 ZZ & 2RS  seven 22 7
SS637 ZZ & 2RS  7 26 9
SSmr128 ZZ & 2RS  8 twelve two&period5
SSmr148 ZZ & 2RS  eight fourteen three&period5
SS688 ZZ & 2RS  8 16 4
SS698 ZZ & 2RS  eight 19 6
SS608 ZZ & 2RS  8 22 7
SS628 ZZ & 2RS  8 24 eight
SS638 ZZ & 2RS  8 28 nine
SS679 ZZ & 2RS  nine fourteen 3
SS689 ZZ & 2RS  nine seventeen four
SS699 ZZ & 2RS  9 20 six
SS609 ZZ & 2RS  nine 24 7
SS629 ZZ & 2RS  nine 26 eight
SS639 ZZ & 2RS  9 30 ten
SS6700 ZZ & 2RS  10 fifteen three
SS63800 ZZ & 2RS  10 19 seven
SS6800 ZZ & 2RS  ten 19 5
SS6900 ZZ & 2RS  ten 22 6
SS6000 ZZ & 2RS  10 26 eight
SS6200 ZZ & 2RS  ten 30 nine
SS6300 ZZ & 2RS  10 35 11
SS6701 ZZ & 2RS  twelve eighteen four
SS63801 ZZ & 2RS  12 21 seven
SS6801 ZZ & 2RS  12 21 5
SS6901 ZZ & 2RS  twelve 24 6
SS6001 ZZ & 2RS  12 28 eight
SS16001 ZZ & 2RS  12 28 seven
SS6201 ZZ & 2RS  twelve 32 ten
SS6301 ZZ & 2RS  12 37 12
SS6902 ZZ & 2RS  15 28 seven
SS6702 ZZ & 2RS  fifteen 21 four
SS63802 ZZ & 2RS  fifteen 24 seven
SS6802 ZZ & 2RS  15 24 five
SS6002 ZZ & 2RS  fifteen 32 nine
SS16002 ZZ & 2RS  fifteen 32 8
SS6202 ZZ & 2RS  15 35 eleven
SS6302 ZZ & 2RS  fifteen forty two 13
SS6703 ZZ & 2RS  seventeen 23 four
SS63803 ZZ & 2RS  17 26 7
SS6803 ZZ & 2RS  17 26 5
SS6903 ZZ & 2RS  17 30 7
SS6003 ZZ & 2RS  seventeen 35 10
SS16003 ZZ & 2RS  seventeen 35 8
SS6203 ZZ & 2RS  17 40 twelve
SS6303 ZZ & 2RS  17 forty seven 14
SS6704 ZZ & 2RS  20 27 four
SS63804 ZZ & 2RS  twenty 32 ten
SS6804 ZZ & 2RS  20 32 seven
SS6904 ZZ & 2RS  20 37 nine
SS16004 ZZ & 2RS  20 forty two eight
SS6004 ZZ & 2RS  twenty forty two twelve
SS6204 ZZ & 2RS  20 47 14
SS6304 ZZ & 2RS  twenty fifty two 15
SS60&sol22 ZZ & 2RS  22 forty four 12
SS63&sol22 ZZ & 2RS  22 fifty 16
SS62&sol22 ZZ & 2RS  22 50 fourteen
SS6705 ZZ & 2RS  25 32 four
SS63805 ZZ & 2RS  twenty five 37 ten
SS6805 ZZ & 2RS  twenty five 37 7
SS6905 ZZ & 2RS  25 42 nine
SS16005 ZZ & 2RS  25 47 8
SS6005 ZZ & 2RS  25 47 12
SS6205 ZZ & 2RS  25 fifty two 15
SS6305 ZZ & 2RS  25 sixty two 17
SS60&sol28 ZZ & 2RS  28 52 twelve
SS63&sol28 ZZ & 2RS  28 fifty eight eighteen
SS62&sol28 ZZ & 2RS  28 58 sixteen
SS6706 ZZ & 2RS  thirty 37 4
SS63806 ZZ & 2RS  30 forty two ten
SS6806 ZZ & 2RS  thirty 42 7
SS6906 ZZ & 2RS  thirty forty seven 9
SS16006 ZZ & 2RS  thirty fifty five 9
SS6006 ZZ & 2RS  thirty fifty five 13
SS6206 ZZ & 2RS  30 62 sixteen
SS6306 ZZ & 2RS  30 72 19
SS60&sol32 ZZ & 2RS  32 58 thirteen
SS62&sol32 ZZ & 2RS  32 sixty five seventeen
SS63&sol32 ZZ & 2RS  32 75 20
SS6707 ZZ & 2RS  35 44 five
SS6807 ZZ & 2RS  35 forty seven seven
SS6907 ZZ & 2RS  35 fifty five ten
SS16007 ZZ & 2RS  35 sixty two nine
SS6007 ZZ & 2RS  35 62 fourteen
SS6207 ZZ & 2RS  35 72 17
SS6307 ZZ & 2RS  35 80 21
SS6708 ZZ & 2RS  forty fifty 6
SS6808 ZZ & 2RS  40 52 7
SS6908 ZZ & 2RS  40 sixty two 12
SS16008 ZZ & 2RS  forty sixty eight nine
SS6008 ZZ & 2RS  40 sixty eight 15
SS6208 ZZ & 2RS  forty 80 eighteen
SS6308 ZZ & 2RS  40 ninety 23
SS6309 ZZ & 2RS  45 100 twenty five
SS6709 ZZ & 2RS  45 fifty five 6
SS6809 ZZ & 2RS  45 fifty eight seven
SS6909 ZZ & 2RS  forty five 68 twelve
SS6009 ZZ & 2RS  45 75 16
SS16009 ZZ & 2RS  forty five 75 10
SS6209 ZZ & 2RS  45 85 19
SS6310 ZZ & 2RS  fifty 110 27
SS6710 ZZ & 2RS  fifty sixty two six
SS6810 ZZ & 2RS  fifty sixty five seven
SS6910 ZZ & 2RS  fifty 72 twelve
SS6571 ZZ & 2RS  fifty eighty sixteen
SS16571 ZZ & 2RS  50 80 ten
SS6210 ZZ & 2RS  50 ninety twenty
SS6211 ZZ & 2RS  fifty five a hundred 21
SS6311 ZZ & 2RS  55 one hundred twenty 29
SS6811 ZZ & 2RS  fifty five 72 nine
SS6911 ZZ & 2RS  55 80 thirteen
SS6011 ZZ & 2RS  55 90 18
SS16011 ZZ & 2RS  55 ninety eleven
SS6212 ZZ & 2RS  sixty 110 22
SS6312 ZZ & 2RS  60 130 31
SS6812 ZZ & 2RS  sixty 78 ten
SS6912 ZZ & 2RS  60 eighty five thirteen
SS6012 ZZ & 2RS  60 ninety five eighteen
SS16012 ZZ & 2RS  60 ninety five eleven
SS16013 ZZ & 2RS  65 a hundred eleven
SS6013 ZZ & 2RS  sixty five 100 15
SS6213 ZZ & 2RS  65 120 23
SS6313 ZZ & 2RS  sixty five one hundred forty 33
SS6813 ZZ & 2RS  65 85 10
SS6913 ZZ & 2RS  sixty five ninety thirteen
SS6914 ZZ & 2RS  70 100 sixteen
SS6014 ZZ & 2RS  70 one hundred ten twenty
SS16014 ZZ & 2RS  70 110 13
SS6214 ZZ & 2RS  70 a hundred twenty five 24
SS6314 ZZ & 2RS  70 a hundred and fifty 35
SS6814 ZZ & 2RS  70 ninety 10
SS6915 ZZ & 2RS  seventy five 105 sixteen
SS6015 ZZ & 2RS  seventy five one hundred fifteen twenty
SS16015 ZZ & 2RS  seventy five 115 13
SS6215 ZZ & 2RS  75 a hundred thirty twenty five
SS6315 ZZ & 2RS  seventy five one hundred sixty 37
SS6815 ZZ & 2RS  seventy five 95 ten
SS6816 ZZ & 2RS  80 one hundred ten
SS6916 ZZ & 2RS  eighty a hundred and ten 16
SS6016 ZZ & 2RS  80 one hundred twenty five 22
SS16016 ZZ & 2RS  eighty one hundred twenty five 14
SS6216 ZZ & 2RS  eighty a hundred and forty 26
SS6316 ZZ & 2RS  80 one hundred seventy 29
SS6817 ZZ & 2RS  eighty five 110 thirteen
SS6917 ZZ & 2RS  85 120 16
SS6017 ZZ & 2RS  eighty five a hundred thirty 22
SS16017 ZZ & 2RS  85 one hundred thirty 14
SS6217 ZZ & 2RS  85 a hundred and fifty 28
SS6317 ZZ & 2RS  85 a hundred and eighty 41
SS6818 ZZ & 2RS  ninety 115 13
SS6918 ZZ & 2RS  90 one hundred twenty five 18
SS16018 ZZ & 2RS  ninety 140 sixteen
SS6819 ZZ & 2RS  ninety five one hundred twenty 13
SS6919 ZZ & 2RS  95 a hundred thirty eighteen
SS16019 ZZ & 2RS  95 a hundred forty five 16
SS6019 ZZ & 2RS  ninety five one hundred forty five 24
SS6219 ZZ & 2RS  95 a hundred and seventy 32
SS6319 ZZ & 2RS  95 two hundred 45
SS6820 ZZ & 2RS  100 a hundred twenty five thirteen
SS16571 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred one hundred fifty sixteen
SS6920 ZZ & 2RS  100 one hundred fifty 16
SS6571 ZZ & 2RS  100 one hundred fifty 24
SS6220 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred 180 34
SS6320 ZZ & 2RS  100 215 47
SS6821 ZZ & 2RS  one zero five 130 thirteen
SS6921 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred and five a hundred forty five twenty
SS16571 ZZ & 2RS  one zero five one hundred sixty 18
SS6571 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and five a hundred and sixty 26
SS6221 ZZ & 2RS  one zero five one hundred ninety 36
SS6321 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred and five 225 forty nine
SS6822 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and ten one hundred forty 16
SS6922 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred ten one hundred fifty 20
SS16571 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred ten one hundred seventy 19
SS6571 ZZ & 2RS  110 170 28
SS6222 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred ten 200 38
SS6322 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred ten 240 fifty
SS6924 ZZ & 2RS  120 one hundred sixty five 22
SS16571 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred twenty 180 19
SS6571 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and twenty a hundred and eighty 28
SS6224 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and twenty 215 40
SS6324 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred twenty 260 55
SS6826 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred thirty a hundred sixty five 18
SS6926 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred thirty a hundred and eighty 24
SS16026 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred thirty two hundred 22
SS6026 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred thirty two hundred 33
SS6226 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred thirty 230 forty
SS6326 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred thirty 280 58
SS6828 ZZ & 2RS  140 a hundred seventy five eighteen
SS6928 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred forty 190 24
SS16571 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and forty 210 22
SS6571 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and forty 210 33
SS6228 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred forty 250 42
SS6328 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred forty three hundred 62
SS6824 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred fifty a hundred and fifty 16
SS6830 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred fifty 190 20
SS6930 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred fifty 210 28
SS16030 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred fifty 225 24
SS6030 ZZ & 2RS  150 225 35
SS6330 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and fifty 320 65
SS6832 ZZ & 2RS  160 200 20
SS6932 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and sixty 220 28
SS16032 ZZ & 2RS  160 240 twenty five
SS6032 ZZ & 2RS  160 240 38
SS6232 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and sixty 290 forty eight
SS6834 ZZ & 2RS  170 215 22
SS6934 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and seventy 230 28
SS16034 ZZ & 2RS  170 260 28
SS6034 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred seventy 260 forty two
SS6234 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and seventy 310 fifty two
SS6334 ZZ & 2RS  170 360 seventy two
SS6836 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred eighty 225 22
SS6936 ZZ & 2RS  180 250 33
SS16036 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and eighty 280 31
SS6036 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and eighty 280 46
SS6236 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred and eighty 320 52
SS6336 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred eighty 380 75
SS6838 ZZ & 2RS  190 240 24
SS6938 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred ninety 260 33
SS16038 ZZ & 2RS  one hundred ninety 290 31
SS6038 ZZ & 2RS  190 290 46
SS6332 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred ninety 340 sixty eight
SS6238 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred ninety 340 55
SS6338 ZZ & 2RS  a hundred ninety four hundred seventy eight
SS6840 ZZ & 2RS  two hundred 250 24
SS6940 ZZ & 2RS  200 280 38
SS16040 ZZ & 2RS  200 310 34
SS6040 ZZ & 2RS  two hundred 310 51
SS6240 ZZ & 2RS  two hundred 360 58
SS6340 ZZ & 2RS  200 420 80
SS6844 ZZ & 2RS  220 270 24
SS6944 ZZ & 2RS  220 three hundred 38
SS16044 ZZ & 2RS  220 340 37
SS6044 ZZ & 2RS  220 340 56
SS6244 ZZ & 2RS  220 400 sixty five
SS6344 ZZ & 2RS  220 460 88
SS6848 ZZ & 2RS  240 three hundred 28
SS6948 ZZ & 2RS  240 320 38
SS16048 ZZ & 2RS  240 360 37
SS6048 ZZ & 2RS  240 360 fifty six
SS6248 ZZ & 2RS  240 440 seventy two
SS6349 ZZ & 2RS  240 500 95
SS6852 ZZ & 2RS  260 320 28
SS6952 ZZ & 2RS  260 360 forty six
SS16052 ZZ & 2RS  260 400 44
SS6052 ZZ & 2RS  260 four hundred 65
SS6252 ZZ & 2RS  260 480 eighty
SS6352 ZZ & 2RS  260 540 102
SS6856 ZZ & 2RS  280 350 33
SS6956 ZZ & 2RS  280 380 forty six
SS16056 ZZ & 2RS  280 420 forty four
SS6056 ZZ & 2RS  280 420 65
SS6256 ZZ & 2RS  280 500 eighty
SS6356 ZZ & 2RS  280 580 108
SS6860 ZZ & 2RS  three hundred 380 38
SS6960 ZZ & 2RS  300 420 fifty six
SS16060 ZZ & 2RS  300 460 fifty
SS6060 ZZ & 2RS  300 460 74
SS6260 ZZ & 2RS  three hundred 540 85
SS6864 ZZ & 2RS  320 four hundred 38
SS6964 ZZ & 2RS  320 440 56
SS16064 ZZ & 2RS  320 480 fifty
SS6064 ZZ & 2RS  320 480 74
SS6264 ZZ & 2RS  320 580 92
SS6868 ZZ & 2RS  340 420 38
SS6968 ZZ & 2RS  340 450 fifty six
SS6068 ZZ & 2RS  340 520 eighty five
SS6268 ZZ & 2RS  340 620 92
SS6872 ZZ & 2RS  360 440 38
SS6972 ZZ & 2RS  360 480 56
SS6072 ZZ & 2RS  360 540 eighty two
SS6272 ZZ & 2RS  360 650 95
SS6876 ZZ & 2RS  380 480 forty six
SS6976 ZZ & 2RS  380 520 sixty five
SS6076 ZZ & 2RS  380 560 eighty two
SS6880 ZZ & 2RS  four hundred five hundred forty six
SS6980 ZZ & 2RS  four hundred 540 sixty five
SS6080 ZZ & 2RS  four hundred 600 ninety
SS6884 ZZ & 2RS  420 520 forty six
SS6984 ZZ & 2RS  420 560 sixty five
SS6084 ZZ & 2RS  420 620 ninety
SS6888 ZZ & 2RS  440 540 forty six
SS6988 ZZ & 2RS  440 600 74
SS6088 ZZ & 2RS  440 650 94
SS6892 ZZ & 2RS  460 580 fifty six
SS6992 ZZ & 2RS  460 620 seventy four
SS6092 ZZ & 2RS  460 680 100
SS6896 ZZ & 2RS  480 600 56
SS6996 ZZ & 2RS  480 650 78
SS6096 ZZ & 2RS  480 seven hundred one hundred

We all know&comma deep groove ball bearing is a single of the massive EPT bearing catalogues in rolling bearing&comma it is widely employed in numerous types of devices&interval In additon&comma ball bearing is also 1 of the cheape EPT bearing variety in all diverse types of bearings&period

Business information 

JPG Bearing  is a specialist creation of automotive wheel hub bearing&comma tensioner pulley bearing&comma deep groove ball bearing&comma taper roller bearing&comma automotive air-conditioner bearing and all kinds of NON-common bearing&period 
one&interval Significantly less than 1000 pcs &comma we will send out by convey&time period &lpar Door to Door&comma Hassle-free &rpar&comma
   or by  air transport&time period &lpar Faste EPT and safest&comma but pricey &rpar
2&period of time Far more than 1000pcs &comma we will ship by sea&period &lpar Most affordable&comma safe &rpar
1&time period Less than 1000 pcs &comma a hundred&percnt T&solT&comma Western Union in advance&period 
two&interval Between 1000-10000pcs&comma TT&comma Western Union&comma MoneyGram&period of time
three&interval More than 10000pcs &comma TT&comma L&solC &commaWestern Union&comma MoneyGram&period of time
one&time period EPT Bundle&colon Plastic Bag &plus Carton &in addition Pallet&semi 2&period Commercial Package deal&colon Plastic Bag &in addition Box &furthermore Carton &plus Pallet&semi 3&period of time As the clients’ prerequisite&time period
Much more data
All of our bearings are certified and made as Chinese Bearing Business Standard &lparGB&solT 307&period2-1995&rpar&period Any bearing marketed has a warranty from us&interval
To enhance our goods and provider greatly&comma any feedback of bearings&comma deal&comma delivery and so forth would be highly appreciated
In circumstance of any bearing issue&comma which is brought on by bearing quality&comma package etc&comma we would like to substitute the bearings&time period
Any EPT question&comma feel totally free to contact us by e-mail&period
Dealing Method&colon
      Deliver us inqry———Quotation———–Confirmation for all details———-Proforma Invoice————-Payment———–Shipping products and files&time period

We – EPG Group the bigge EPT gearbox & motors , vee pulleys, timing pulleys, couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 distinct branches. For more information: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778 0571 88828 The use of unique gear manufacturer’s (OEM) component quantities or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the shown substitution areas contained herein are not sponsored, authorized, or manufactured by the OEM.

440c  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Owerri Nigeria  Stainless Steel Bearing Ss603 Ss603-Zz Ss603-2RS with top quality

440c  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -  in Owerri Nigeria  Stainless Steel Bearing Ss603 Ss603-Zz Ss603-2RS with top quality