China wholesaler Cast Iron Timing Belt Pulley (3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, XL, H, L) Hot selling

Product Description

Place of Origin: HangZhou HangZhou (Mainland)
Design: MXL XL L H XH XXH T2.5 T5 T10 T20 AT5 AT10 AT20 3M 5M 8M 14M 20M S2M S3M S4.5M S5M S8M S14M P5M P8M P14M etc and other particular models
Content: Stainless Metal, Brass/Copper, Aluminum, POM, and other standard machineable materials.
Module: seven-160mm, Max.Diameter:1400mm.
Quality: Can up to GB8, ISO8, JIS4, AGMA8, DIN8.
Packing: Export common Top quality Cartons (With Pallet) 

Payment: thirty% TT in Progress, equilibrium prior to shipping
Shipping About 7 Days right after getting thirty% T/T payment in advance
Surface Treatment: Anodized, Hard Anodized, Zinc plated, blackening therapy
Inspection: All objects are checked and tested totally in the course of every working procedure and soon after the product is ultimately produced to guarantee that ideal top quality merchandise goes out in the industry.

Applicable sector: Electro-equipment, Textile Equipment, Ad printing gear, Foodstuff                             Packaging, CNC device, Instrumentation, tobacco and so on

Notice when checking from and purchase pulley
1. Belt and pulley of our business can be attached or changed by imported belt and pulley
two. Make sure you supply drawing when you buy. We can also attract for you if you can inform us the
   Material, teeth kind, teeth quantity, belt width or enamel width, bore, Threaded gap or
   Thru-gap,key and other size you need to have
3. We can also customise non-regular products for consumers
four. Tolerance: conform to buyers requirment
five. OEM/ODM support: orrered
six. If you require samples, make sure you contect us. About the sample demand, we can seek the advice of it.


Set pulleys are pulleys that keep the drum at one particular stage. Although the force necessary to lift or move an object is no diverse than lifting it with your arms, stationary pulleys allow you to modify the path of the necessary drive. For case in point, when attached to a bucket that attracts water from a nicely, a stationary water puller enables you to pull the water sideways, lifting the bucket in a more practical way than pulling it vertically, 1 hand at a time. The weight of the bucket is even now the same, but it is simpler to elevate.
Lively Pulley: The “input” pulley in a dual-pulley technique. The shaft of this pulley is driven by some thing like a motor, a crank, or probably yet another pulley in more substantial systems. This pulley controls the motion of the belt.

China wholesaler Cast Iron Timing Belt Pulley (3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, XL, H, L)     Hot selling