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HDPE Spacers for Pipe


Skid Spacer for Pipe

1. Pipe insulation support

The pipeline insulation bracket made by CZPT Industry Co., Ltd. is utilized to isolate the principal pipe and the casing when the primary pipeline crosses roadways, railways, rivers and other pipelines. The pipeline insulation bracket made by our firm is produced of substantial-density polyethylene and has insulation The main high quality and complex indicators of the pipeline insulation help have arrived at the high quality and complex requirements of the exact same market. The functionality, excellent put on resistance and good influence resistance, and resistance to mechanical, thermal shock and pressure.

2. characteristic:

A. Wide software

CZPT insulation supports are commonly used in steel pipelines for transporting petroleum, natural fuel, CZPT gasoline, water and various industrial chemical liquids. In the transportation method, in buy to minimize the corrosion of metal pipelines and prolong the support life of the pipelines, cathodic security steps need to be adopted. The pipeline bracket is an indispensable cathodic safety sequence item in cathodic protection steps. It is broadly utilized in pipeline building to cross roadways, railways, Rivers, bridges, mountains, etc.

B. Applicability

There are complete models of pipe insulation brackets, pipe diameters ranging from 38mm to 1670mm, and from 25mm to 110mm, which are suitable for pipe diameter requirements underneath numerous circumstances.

D. Great firmness

Pipe insulation assist goods have double reinforcement measures, equipped with reinforcement belts, scientifically and conveniently fasten the assistance block to the pipeline firmly, which completely solves the difficulty of big pipe diameter and extended crossing distance in the course of pipeline building, which is easy to lead to help Block motion or solitary-product fastening is destroyed, leading to the help block to fall off, thereby making certain the building quality.

F. Velocity up building and improve construction quality

The inner wall of the pipe insulation assist we generate can be tailored with rubber sheets in accordance to consumer demands. On the preCZPT of conference the design needs, it stops harm to the outer anti-corrosion layer of the pipeline during construction, and properly enhances the design velocity and development good quality.

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China supplier Casing Spacer with Wheel Runner     Hot selling