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Solution Description

Merchandise Description

SCZPT difficult ceramic abrasive resources CZPT dressing wheel 

Major attribute of CZPT dressing wheel: Substantial dimensional precision, great shape retention, and lengthy life.
Application fields of CZPT dressing wheel:

Bearing and equipment processing, vehicle areas, instruments and other industries.

Processing object of of CZPT dressing wheel:

SCZPT difficult ceramic abrasive tools, regular ceramic abrasive resources.

Primary feature of CZPT dressing wheel:

Substantial dimensional accuracy, excellent condition retention, and prolonged lifestyle.

Our Advantages

We are a comprehensive techCZPT enterprise specializing in R&D, generation, income of superhard substance products and offering overall options.


We own dozens of production traces on vitrified bond, resin bond, metal CZPT and electroplated CZPT sCZPT merchandise, equipments and inspection instruments which have annually ability with six hundred thousand pieces of sCZPT equipment and a lot more than a few 1000’s sets of equipment. Our main merchandise are fastened abrasives (such as ceramic abrasives, resin abrasives, rubber abrasives, and many others.), coated abrasives (sand belts, abrasive fabric sandpaper, specific-shaped products, and so on.), super-challenging supplies, which are extensively utilized in the metal, car, equipment, bearing, metallic, wood processing and other industries, with tens of countless numbers of product specs. It has an yearly production capacity of 8,000 tons of bonded abrasives, 5 million square meters of coated abrasives and ten million carats of diamond/CBN merchandise.


The product good quality is outstanding, and the grinding wheel techCZPT for elements processing in refrigeration, automotive, electronics and other industries is at the intercontinental foremost level. The marketplace sCZPT of grinding wheels for areas processing reaches fifty%~eighty%, and our items are exported to Brazil, Japan, India, SCZPT Asia and other countries and regions.


Our atmosphere administration technique is in conformity with GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 12001:2015 the high quality administration program is in conformity with GB/T 19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015.

Thorough Images

The primary edge of worm gears is their ability to supply substantial reduction ratios and correspondingly high torque multipliers. They can also be utilised as reducers for reduced to medium speed programs. Also, because their reduction ratio is primarily based on the number of teeth on the gear, they are more compact than other types of gears. Like good pitch leadscrews, worm gears are normally self-locking, making them ideal for hoisting and hoisting applications.

China shop Super Hard Ceramic Abrasive Tools Diamond Dressing Wheel     factory