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Product Description

                          Direct-Driven Blasting Wheel


Description of shot blasting wheel

Shot blasting equipment is widely utilized in surface area cleansing off the sand castings, castings, forgings, welded areas, heat therapy and area planning of steel and profiles, and endure high tension adjust springs, leaf springs and gears and other elements of strengthened. Shot Blasting cleanup is a signifies of lengthy-length higher-speed projectile projectile does not contact the area of the clean-up, so the method is not getting cleaned workpiece measurement, shape and bodyweight limitations. Blast cleansing techCZPT is at present the most widespread, most affordable and dependable cleansing (rust) method.      Shot blasting works is transformed into kinetic power projectile affect on the workpiece surface. Blast cleaning effectiveness depends on the variety of projectile route, measurement, speed and influence. For that reason, shot blasting device financial, technical indicators Shot nearly totally dependent on the overall performance.


Blast wheel is important of the airless shot blast cleaning equipment, it’s longevity, higher-productive, low noise emission and many others. get pleasure from the fame on the market place of the entire world . In the modern many years, curve-blade blast wheel which on top of the worldwide techCZPT experienced empoldered by us, and direct-driven blast wheel is the larges electrical power in China.



Specifics of shot blast wheel


Belt-wheel blast wheel

Belt-wheel blast wheel is traditional, massive price abrasive stream and excellent cleansing influence and so on. It is require portion of the airless shot blast cleansing gear.

Kind Diameter of impeller(mm) CZPT pace of impeller(r/min) Highest fee abrasive circulation(kg/min) Electrical power of motor(kw)
ZKQ05 400(pairs) 2200 160 eleven
Q033 four hundred(pairs) 2450 a hundred and eighty 11
Q034 420(pairs) 2600 250 15
Q035 five hundred(pairs) 2200 360 22
Q038 five hundred(pairs) 2370 970 75


Immediate-driven blast wheel

Immediate-driven blast wheel is 1 kind of new-design and style higher-successful blastwheel, beautiful apperance, compact conflguration minimal noise, economy and environmental generation Q064Z37 kind has the greatest energy and largest price abraslve movement. In China now.


Type Diameter of impeller(mm) CZPT pace of impeller(r/min) Optimum charge abrasive movement(kg/min) Energy of motor(kw)
ZKQ034 380(pairs) 2930 a hundred and twenty 7.five
Q034Z11A 380(pairs) 2930 a hundred and twenty 11
Q034Z15A 380(pairs) 2940 one hundred twenty fifteen
Q064Z30 400 (for every) 2940 480 thirty
Q064Z37 415 (for each) 2940 600 37



Our firm


We are HangZhou XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. Equipment CO., LTD. Situated in the machinery manufacture foundation of HangZhou Seaport (leading 10 of world), build for in excess of thirty many years of knowledge of R&D and sales, move of ISO 9000 managment program & CE quality certification. As 1 of the leading equipment producers this sort of as: plate vulcanizing device, Shot/Sand blasting device(polish the metal surface area rust, sCZPT the steel qulity fit for metal plate, street surface, H beam, outer/inside of pipe, oil pipeline casting etc)




Main Goods Checklist of XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. Equipment


Stone Shot Blasting Machine


Jolt Squeeze Molding Machine


Movable Shot Blasting Device


Resin Sand Processing Production Line


Q32 Sequence Tumble Belt Shot Blasting Equipment


Clay Sand Processing Manufacturing Line


Q37 Sequence Hook Kind Shot Blasting Device


S14 Series Rotator Sort Sand Mixer


QH69 Series Metal Structure Shot Blasting Device


S25 Double-arm Sand Mixer



QH69 Collection Steel Plate Shot Blasting Device


S11 Collection Wheel CZPT Sort Sand Mixer


QH69 Sequence By means of Kind Shot Blasting Device


L12 Sequence Inertial Vibrating Shakeout Device


QGW/QGN Series Steel Pipe Exterior & Interior Shot Blasting Device




Q76 Series Rotary Desk Shot Blasting Device




Q38/forty eight/fifty eight Series Overhead Rail Shot Blasting Device




Mesh Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine




Direct-Pushed Blast wheel

twenty five



Belt-Wheel Blast Wheel




We can also layout CZPT Equipment according to your demand from customers.Our machinery have secure efficiency , good quality and reliable service. We enable a proper low cost in accordance to the quantity you purchase.If you have any concern, please really feel totally free to speak to us,I will consider my best to fulfill your desire,It make our business excellent honour .


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The advised resources for the worm are hardened steel and bronze for the worm gear. Nevertheless, dependent on the application, unhardened steel worms can run sufficiently and far more economically on cast iron worm gears rated at 50%. In addition to steel and hardened metal, worms are offered in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and nylon worm gears are obtainable in metal, hardened steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, and non-metallic (phenolic).

China shop Direct-Driven Blasting Wheel     factory