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Item Description

Item Code Type Dimension Dimension Pace Speed CZPT Spec. 1NET/2NETS
(mm) (Inch) (r.P.M) M/S
FAC157116 T41 a hundred and five*1.*16 four*3/sixty four*5/eight 15200 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1 0571 16 107*1.2*16 four*3/sixty four*5/eight 15200 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1151222 one hundred fifteen*1.2*22.23 4-1/2*3/64*7/8 13300 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1251222 125*1.2*22.23 five*3/sixty four*7/8 12200 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1501222 one hundred fifty*1.2*22.23 six*3/sixty four*7/eight 15710 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1801222 one hundred eighty*1.2*22.23 7*3/64*7/8 8500 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1151622 a hundred and fifteen*1.6*22.23 4-1/2*1/16*7/eight 13300 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1251622 one hundred twenty five*1.6*22.23 five*1/16*7/eight 12200 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1501622 a hundred and fifty*1.6*22.23 6*1/sixteen*7/eight 15710 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC1801622 one hundred eighty*1.6*22.23 7*1/sixteen*7/eight 8500 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC2301622 230*1.6*22.23 nine*1/sixteen*7/8 6600 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC2301922 230*1.9*22.23 nine*2/27*7/eight 6600 80m/s A46TBF 2NETS
FAC2357122 230*2.*22.23 9*5/64*7/8 6600 80m/s A46TBF 2NET


The primary benefit of worm gears is their capability to offer substantial reduction ratios and correspondingly higher torque multipliers. They can also be utilised as reducers for reduced to medium velocity purposes. Also, due to the fact their reduction ratio is primarily based on the amount of teeth on the equipment, they are more compact than other varieties of gears. Like fantastic pitch leadscrews, worm gears are normally self-locking, producing them excellent for hoisting and hoisting purposes.

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