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Item Description

Tractor rims W10x24 W12x24 W12x28 W15x28 W12x38 W16x38 W18x38

Packaging & Shipping and delivery
Packaging Particulars
Wooden Pallet and Wrapped With Belt and Plastic Movie or Bulk
Delivery Time
With 30 Times or prompt cargo for stock

W12*24 Agricultural Steel Wheel Rim for Tire 13.6-24 fourteen.9-24

Wheel Dimension

Dia Wheel Siz Tire Dimensions Dia Wheel Size Tire Dimension
12” 5J*twelve 7.00*12  6.00-twelve    26″    W12*26  13.6-26 14.9-26 
7.00*12 ten./75-12 ten./8-12 23/8.50*12  W13*26 fourteen.9-26 
eight.fifty*twelve 11./65-twelve 23/9.fifty*twelve  W15*26 16.9-26 
ten.50*twelve 26*twelve.-12  W16*26  18.4-26
13” 4J*thirteen five.fifty-13 165RS13  DW20*26 23.1-26 24L-26
four.5J*thirteen 5.fifty-13  DW25*26 30.5L-26 28L-26 
14” 4.5J*fourteen six.5-fourteen   26.5″   16.00*26.five five hundred/60-26.5 
six.00*14 9.5L*fourteen  20.00*26.five 600/fifty five-26.5 
seven.00*14 nine.5L*fourteen  24.00*26.5 700/50-26.five
15″ 4J*15 five.00-fifteen  28.00*26.5 800/45-26.5 
5J*15 6.5/eighty-fifteen   28″      W8*28 nine.50-28 
6LB*fifteen seven.5L-15  W10*28 11.2-28 
7J*fifteen eight./75-15  W11*28 twelve.4-28 
8LB*15 27*10.5-fifteen 11L-15  W12*28 thirteen.6-28 
9LB*15 11L-15  W13*28 fourteen.9-28 
10LB*15 twelve.5L-15 29*12.5-5 31*fifteen.5-15  W14L*28 16.9-28 
13LB*fifteen 33*15.5-15 31*15.5-15  DW15L*28 sixteen.9-28 
15.3″ 15.3*9.00 10./seventy five-15.3 11.5/eighty-15.3 12.5/eighty-5.three  W16*28 18.4-28 
fifteen.5″ 15.5*thirteen.00 four hundred/60-15.five  DW18*28 21L-28 
16″ 4.5E*sixteen 6.00-sixteen,6.fifty-sixteen  DW20*28 600/fifty-28 
5.50E*16 7.fifty-16     30″    W12*thirty thirteen.6-30
six.fifty*16 eight.twenty five-sixteen  W14L*30 sixteen.6-30 
W7*sixteen 210/85R16 DW14*thirty sixteen.9-30 
W8*16 10./seventy five-sixteen 19./sixty five-sixteen ten.00-sixteen  W15L*30  18.4-30
W9*sixteen 285/70R16 11.00-16  DW16L*thirty  18.4-30 23.1*30
nine.00*sixteen 11L-sixteen  DW20*30 23.1*30 
eleven.00*sixteen 14./65-sixteen   30.5″   20.00*thirty.5 600/fifty-thirty.5 800/60-thirty.five
16.1″ eleven.*sixteen.1  24.00*thirty.5 650/80-30.5 700/50-30.5             750/60-thirty.five
fourteen.00*sixteen.1 sixteen.5-sixteen.1  28.00*30.5

800/forty five-30.5 800/55-thirty.5          


sixteen.00* 21.5-16.1     32″    W7*32 8.thirty-32 
16.5″ eight.25*sixteen.5 10-sixteen.5  W10*32 12.4-32 
nine.75*sixteen.5 twelve-16.5  W12*32 13.6-32 
12.00*16.five 33/15.5-sixteen.5  DW20*32 23.1-32 
17″ 17*thirteen.00 fifteen./fifty five-17  DW21*32 24.5R32 680/70R32 680/75R32 
17*16.00 19./45-seventeen 500/50-seventeen  DW27*32 thirty.5L-32 800/65R32 
17.5″ ten.seventy five*seventeen.five fourteen-17.five    34″     DW10*34 12.4-34 
eleven.75*seventeen.five 14-17.5  W14L*34 16.9-34 
18″ 9.00*18 10.5/eighty-18 12.5/80-18  W15L*34 18.4-34 
W9*eighteen ten.5/eighty-18 twelve.5/eighty-eighteen  DW15*34 sixteen.9-34 
eleven.00*18 thirteen.00/sixty five-18  DW16*34 18.4-34 
13.00*eighteen 15./70-18 15.5/60-eighteen 405/70-eighteen  DW20*34 23.1-34 
19″ three.00*19 4.fifty*19   36″    W8*36  9.fifty-36
19.5″ 14*19.five 15.*19.5  W10*36 eleven.2-36 
20″ five.fifty*twenty 7.fifty*20  W11*36 14.9-36 
W7*twenty eight.3-twenty  W12*36 fourteen.9-36 
W8*twenty nine.50-20     38″      W10*38 11.5*38 
20*8.00 9.5-20 10.00-twenty  W11*38 thirteen.6-38 fourteen.9-38 
W9*twenty 11.2-twenty  W12*38 13.6-38 fourteen.9-38
ten.00*twenty 12.00-20  W15L*38 16.9-38 540/65*38
W11*20 12.4*20  W16*38 eighteen.4-38 
13.00*twenty.00 405/70-twenty 425/65R20 425/75R20  DW16*38 eighteen.4-38 
fourteen.00*20.00 38/18-20  DW20*38 650/65-38 
twenty.5″ fourteen*twenty.five 465/65R20.five  DW23*38 710/70R38 
21″ eighteen.00*21 3pcs 24R21    W8*42 8.thirty-42 
22.5″ eleven.seventy five*22.five 15R22.5 365/70R22.5 385/65R2.5    42″     W10*forty two  11.2-42
thirteen.00*22.5 sixteen.5R22.5 425/65-22.5 415/45R22.five  DW16*42 eighteen.4-42 
fourteen.00*22.five 18R22.5 465/65R22.5  DW18*42 twenty.8-42 
sixteen.00*22.5 five hundred/sixty-22.5 550/60-22.5 550/forty five-22.five  W20*42 620/70*42 
twenty.00*22.5 600/50-22.5 650/50-22.5 600/55-22.five  DW23*forty two 710/70*42 
24.00*22.five seven-hundred/fifty-22.5  DW27*forty two 900/sixty*42 
24″ W7*24 eight.3-24   44″  W8*forty four ten.00*44 
W8*24 9.fifty-24  W10*44 twelve.4*44 
W10*24 eleven.2-24   46″    DW10*46 11.2-46 
W12*24 13.6-24  fourteen.9-24  DW12*46 12.4-46 
W14L*24 16.9-24  DW13*46  14.9-46
DW15L*24 16.9-24  DW16*46  18.4-46 520/85-46
DW16L*24 19.5L-24 eighteen.4-24   48″   W8*48 9.fifty-48 
DW18L*24 20.5-24  W10*forty eight 11.2-48 
24.5 24.5*8.25 11R24.5  W12*forty eight 16.3-48 
24.5*eleven.seventy five 385/55R24.five  50″   W10*fifty twelve.4-50 
24.5*13.00 16.5R24.5 425/65R24.five  W16*50 18.4-50 
25 36.00*25 sixty six/43-twenty five  52″  W10*52 twelve.4-52 

Technical specs

  • Type: Wheel rim
  • Use: Harvesters, Tractors, Foresters, Agricultural Mixers and Trailers etc….
  • Spot of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Manufacturer Title: MULTISTAR

rim colour: Silver or Yellow

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Particulars: In pallets
Delivery Detail: 30days

We pecialized in production and exporting all sorts of tyres and wheels to all above the entire world. And we can supply wheel rims and tires,and are especially skilled in truck wheel,agricultural wheel and assemblies and components for OTR wheel and engineering wheel with multi-pieces for earthmover.
We are specialised in the assembled wheels (tyres and rims) for farming and forestry equipment and trailers. We have been supplying OEM goods to Sweden, Norway,New Zealand,Australia and Canada for a number of several years

Our certifications- all our tyres pass quality examination of QTC, Up to DOT CCC ISO regular

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About us ?
Our firm J&G is specialised in producing and exporting tyres/wheels for Agricultural Implement and trailers, baler and feed mixer, flotation trailer and tanker, mix harvesters, suggar cane, specialist irrigation equipment, forestry equipment and so forth. 
one.Markets and OE encounter: Our prducts export a lot more than 70 countries and 60% is for OE market. This kind of as in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, European and so forth. Our OE clients from around the world. 
two. Storage: We have big warehouse in HangZhou Port, it will be effortless to give assembly tyre and wheel and make prompt cargo. 
three. Quality: We are the dealer of Trelleborg and Alliance in China. We adhere to their technica to enhance our good quality of tyres. Our high quality is verified to be good!
Above the several years J&G has aided in rising the base of loyal clients and profitable in excess of new customers.  With time, the Multistar brand has drawn loyal and passionate clients in seventy seven countries
Why select us ?
one,a thousand+ models of tyres and 3000+ models of rims on day-to-day stock
2,600+ models of wheel rim drawings obtainable for unique Off-the-road equipments
three,Full and stub Axles for farming trailers available
4,Specal types for customers’ specific specifications
five,24×7 aftersale providers
six,one5+ years fantastic experience and comprehensive product assortment, servicing OE  manufacturing customers
7,Tiny quantity for different measurement mix into a single container
 Welcome for any inquiry    
Have a great day

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China shop Agricultural Harvester Wheels W10X24 W12X24 W12X28 W15X28 W12X38 W16X38 W18X38     Free Design Custom