China sales 146mm Granite Diamond Calibrating Wheel for Stone Grinding for Sp6/Mc8/Mc10 Standard

Item Description

146mm granite diamond calibrating wheel for stone grinding for SP6/MC8/MC10

Size: 146mm

Segment Size: 40×9.5x10mm

Amount of Rings: 8pcs

Amount of Segments:  8×9=72pcs

Outer diameter:  146mm

Thickness:  80mm

Application:  grinding granite and ceramic

Apply to:   SP6/MC8/MC10 equipment

146mm diamond calibrating wheel for grinding granite stone


CZPT calibration roller, you can get in touch with it diamond calibrating wheel, it is employed in the BRETON computerized machine for grinding artificial stone, porcelain,ceramic tiles, marble slabs, granite slabs, glass, and so on.  Different BRETON automated machine makes use of diverse rollers, this sort of as SP6, MC6, MC8.Damp use only with sufficient water,quickly and simple grinding, extended existence and higher polishing efficiency.


We can particular-make diamond clibration roller according to the customer’s drawing, the alumium blank, iron blank and copper blank are offered CZPT your demand.


MC6 CZPT Calibration Roller for BRETON equipment

Device for levelling granite strips, relocating on a conveyor belt, us-ing a sequence of diamond rollers and pneumatic instruments. 


This equipment is based mostly on a innovative processing concept, coated by Breton patent, which employs calibrating spindles MC6 with double motorization: in every spindle, the 1st motor supplies the reduced-velocity rotation of the roller-keeping head (2,2 kW energy), while the second motor offers the high-velocity rotation of 6 radial rollers geared up with diamond resources (22 kW electrical power).



MC8  CZPT Calibration heads BRETON equipment

Device employed to grind and polish porcelain granite tiles and granite strips.

The dressing/sharpening models hold the specific Breton, high-elimination heads Mod. SG-6 with oscillat-ing abrasive sectors and 540 mm diameter.

All the devices are managed by a SCZPT S7 PLC with exhibit and programming keyboard managing all the automatisms.

Some designs are also outfitted with 4 calibrating spindles Mod. MC8.


This new techCZPT on diamond calibrating roller provides the subsequent advantages: 

a) Rapid adjustment of the doing work width, as the calibrating part does not want for any varia-tion

b) Nice floor levelling

c) “wonderful-honed” floor complete, which makes it attainable to lessen the variety of the adhering to levelling units, and consequently, the dressing expenses.


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China sales 146mm Granite Diamond Calibrating Wheel for Stone Grinding for Sp6/Mc8/Mc10     Standard