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Item Description

 PLATEWHEEL  6 x 2.8mm 

For Chain DIN8187 ISO/R 606
Tooth Radius  r3 6mm
Radius Width C .6mm
Tooth Width B1 two.6mm
 CHAIN 04C  
Pitch 6.00 mm
Internal Width two.eighty mm
Roller Diameter 4.00 mm
When Z≥51, H=4mm  



z de dp SIMPLEX
dm D1 A
eight 18. 15.sixty seven 9.eight 5 10
nine 19.nine seventeen.54 11.five five ten
ten 21.7 19.forty two 13. six 10
eleven 23.6 21.thirty fourteen. 6 ten
twelve 25.four 23.18 16. 6 10
thirteen 27.three 25.05 18. 8 ten
14 29.2 26.ninety six 20. 8 10
15 31. 28.86 20. 8 ten
sixteen 33. 30.76 20. 8 thirteen
seventeen 35. 32.sixty five 20. 8 13
18 36.9 34.fifty five 20. eight thirteen
19 38.8 36.forty four twenty. eight thirteen
20 38.34 20. 8 thirteen
21 forty two.six forty.25 25. 8 thirteen
22 forty four.five forty two.sixteen 25. eight thirteen
23 forty six.4 forty four.06 25. eight thirteen
24 forty eight.three 45.96 twenty five. 8 thirteen
25 50.2 forty seven.87 25. 8 13
26 forty nine.seventy six 30. 8 15
27 fifty four. fifty one.67 thirty. eight 15
28 55.9 fifty three.58 thirty. eight 15
29 57.8 fifty five.50 thirty. eight 15
30 59.8 fifty seven.forty two thirty. 8 15
31 sixty 59.31 thirty. 8 15
32 sixty three.six 61.21 30. 8 15
33 65.5 63.11 30. 8 15
34 67.4 65.02 30. 8 fifteen
35 sixty nine.3 sixty six.ninety three thirty. 8 15
36 71.two sixty eight.84 30. eight 15
37 seventy 70.75 thirty. eight fifteen
38 75. 72.66 thirty. 8 fifteen
39 seventy six.9 74.57 30. 8 fifteen
40 78.9 seventy six.forty seven thirty. eight 15
forty one eighty.8 seventy eight.38 40. eight 18
42 82.7 eighty.23 40. eight 18
43 847 82.19 400 8 18
44 86.eight eighty four.ten 40. eight eighteen
forty five 88.5 86.01 40. eight eighteen
forty six 90.4 87.ninety two 40. eight 18
forty seven ninety two.three 89.93 40. eight 18
forty eight 94.two 91.seventy four forty. eight eighteen
forty nine 96.1 ninety three.sixty four 40. eight eighteen
fifty 98. 95.fifty five forty. 8 eighteen
fifty one 99.nine ninety seven.46 40. 8 eighteen
fifty two one zero one.eight 99.37 40. 8 18
53 103.7 101.27 forty. 8 18
54 105.6 103.17 40. 8 eighteen
fifty five 107.6 a hundred and five.08 40. eight eighteen
56 109.five 107.00 forty. eight 18
57 111.4 108.93 forty. eight eighteen
58 113.three 110.82 50. 8 20
fifty nine one hundred fifteen.two 112.seventy one fifty. 8 twenty
sixty 117.1 114.62 fifty. 8 20
62 120.nine 118.45 50. eight twenty
64 122.27 fifty. eight twenty
65 126.6 124.18 fifty. eight twenty
sixty six 128.5 126.09 fifty. 8 20
sixty eight 132.four 129.91 fifty. eight twenty
70 136.2 133.73 fifty. eight 20
72 a hundred and forty. 137.fifty five 50. eight twenty
seventy five 143.28 50. 8 20
seventy six 147.six one hundred forty five.19 fifty. 8 twenty
78 151.five 149.01 70. eight 30
80 one hundred fifty five.3 152.82 70. eight 30
eighty five 164.eight 162.37 70. eight 30
90 174.4 171.92 70. eight thirty
ninety five 183.9 181.forty seven 70. 8 30
a hundred 193.5 191.01 70. 8 thirty
a hundred and ten 212.6 210.eleven 70. eight 30
114 210 217.76 70. 8 thirty
one hundred twenty 231.7 229.twenty 70. 8 30
one hundred twenty five 241.two 238.75 70. 8 30

Standard Info.

Product name  DIN ISO Normal Sprocket for Roller Chain
Materials Available  1. Stainless Steel: SS304, SS316, etc
2. Alloy Metal: C45, 45Mn, 42CrMo, 20CrMo, etc
3. OEM according to your request
Area Treatment Heat remedy, Quenching therapy, High frequency normalizing therapy, Sprucing, Electrophoresis paint processing, Anodic oxidation treatment, etc
Characteristic Fire Resistant, Oil Resistant, Heat Resistant, CZPT resistance, Oxidative resistance, Corrosion resistance, etc
Design criterion ISO DIN ANSI & Consumer Drawings
Dimension Customer Drawings & ISO standard 
Application Industrial transmission gear
Bundle Wooden Situation / Container and pallet, or produced-to-purchase
Certification ISO9001: 2008 
Benefit Quality very first, Support first, Aggressive price, Quickly shipping and delivery
Delivery Time twenty times for samples. 45 times for official order.

Set up AND Using

The chain spocket, as a drive or deflection for chains, has pockets to hold the chain hyperlinks with a D-profile cross part with flat facet surfaces  parallel to the centre aircraft of the chain hyperlinks, and outer surfaces at right angles to the chain link centre plane. The chain backlinks are pressed firmly from the outer surfaces and each and every of the aspect surfaces by the angled laying surfaces at the foundation of the pockets, and also the assist surfaces of the wheel body collectively with the end sides of the webs shaped by the major and trailing partitions of the pocket.


When fitting new chainwheels it is extremely important that a new chain is fitted at the exact same time, and vice versa. Making use of an old chain with new sprockets, or a new chain with previous sprockets will cause fast dress in.

It is essential if you are setting up the chainwheels yourself to have the manufacturing unit services handbook distinct to your design. Our chainwheels are made to be a immediate alternative for your OEM chainwheels and as these kinds of, the set up should be done according to your types service guide.

In the course of use a chain will extend (i.e. the pins will use leading to extension of the chain). Utilizing a chain which has been stretched far more than the previously mentioned highest allowance triggers the chain to experience up the tooth of the sprocket. This leads to hurt to the suggestions of the chainwheels enamel, as the pressure transmitted by the chain is transmitted entirely through the best of the tooth, instead than the entire tooth. This results in severe putting on of the chainwheel.


Standards corporations (these kinds of as ANSI and ISO) keep expectations for layout, proportions, and interchangeability of transmission chains. For example, the pursuing Desk demonstrates knowledge from ANSI standard B29.1-2011 (Precision Power Transmission Roller Chains, Attachments, and Sprockets) designed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). See the references[8][9][10] for further data.

ASME/ANSI B29.1-2011 Roller Chain Regular SizesSizePitchMaximum Roller DiameterMinimum Greatest Tensile StrengthMeasuring Load25

ASME/ANSI B29.1-2011 Roller Chain Standard Measurements
Size Pitch Highest Roller Diameter Minimal Supreme Tensile Toughness Measuring Load
25 .250 in (6.35 mm) .one hundred thirty in (3.30 mm) 780 lb (350 kg) 18 lb (8.2 kg)
35 .375 in (9.fifty three mm) .200 in (5.08 mm) 1,760 lb (800 kg) 18 lb (8.2 kg)
41 .five hundred in (twelve.70 mm) .306 in (7.seventy seven mm) 1,500 lb (680 kg) eighteen lb (8.2 kg)
forty .500 in (twelve.70 mm) .312 in (7.92 mm) 3,one hundred twenty five lb (1,417 kg) 31 lb (14 kg)
fifty .625 in (fifteen.88 mm) .four hundred in (ten.sixteen mm) four,880 lb (2,210 kg) forty nine lb (22 kg)
60 .750 in (19.05 mm) .469 in (eleven.91 mm) seven,030 lb (3,one hundred ninety kg) 70 lb (32 kg)
80 1.000 in (twenty five.forty mm) .625 in (15.88 mm) twelve,500 lb (5,seven-hundred kg) a hundred twenty five lb (fifty seven kg)
a hundred one.250 in (31.75 mm) .750 in (19.05 mm) 19,531 lb (8,859 kg) 195 lb (88 kg)
one hundred twenty 1.500 in (38.10 mm) .875 in (22.23 mm) 28,125 lb (twelve,757 kg) 281 lb (127 kg)
a hundred and forty one.750 in (forty four.forty five mm) 1.000 in (twenty five.forty mm) 38,280 lb (17,360 kg) 383 lb (174 kg)
160 2.000 in (50.eighty mm) one.125 in (28.58 mm) 50,000 lb (23,000 kg) 500 lb (230 kg)
180 2.250 in (fifty seven.fifteen mm) 1.460 in (37.08 mm) sixty three,280 lb (28,seven hundred kg) 633 lb (287 kg)
two hundred two.500 in (63.50 mm) one.562 in (39.67 mm) 78,one hundred seventy five lb (35,460 kg) 781 lb (354 kg)
240 three.000 in (76.20 mm) one.875 in (47.sixty three mm) 112,500 lb (fifty one,000 kg) 1,000 lb (450 kg

For mnemonic needs, below is one more presentation of crucial dimensions from the very same common, expressed in fractions of an inch (which was part of the pondering guiding the decision of desired figures in the ANSI standard):

Pitch (inches) Pitch expressed
in eighths
ANSI normal
chain number
Width (inches)
one4 two8 twofive 18
38 threeeight 35 threesixteen
1two foureight 4one 14
onetwo foureight 4 516
5eight five8 five threeeight
three4 6eight 6 12
one eighteight 8 five8

1. The pitch is the distance amongst roller centers. The width is the distance among the website link plates (i.e. slightly a lot more than the roller width to permit for clearance).
two. The proper-hand digit of the common denotes 0 = standard chain, 1 = light-weight chain, 5 = rollerless bushing chain.
3. The remaining-hand digit denotes the number of eighths of an inch that make up the pitch.
4. An “H” following the regular quantity denotes heavyweight chain. A hyphenated quantity pursuing the regular variety denotes double-strand (2), triple-strand (3), and so on. As a result 60H-3 denotes variety sixty heavyweight triple-strand chain.
 A common bicycle chain (for derailleur gears) utilizes slender 1⁄2-inch-pitch chain. The width of the chain is variable, and does not have an effect on the load capability. The a lot more sprockets at the rear wheel (traditionally 3-6, today 7-12 sprockets), the narrower the chain. Chains are offered according to the amount of speeds they are developed to perform with, for case in point, “10 speed chain”. Hub gear or one pace bicycles use 1/2″ x 1/8″ chains, in which 1/8″ refers to the highest thickness of a sprocket that can be employed with the chain.

Normally chains with parallel formed backlinks have an even quantity of back links, with each narrow hyperlink adopted by a broad one. Chains developed up with a uniform kind of hyperlink, narrow at one and wide at the other stop, can be created with an odd amount of hyperlinks, which can be an gain to adapt to a special chainwheel-length on the other aspect this sort of a chain tends to be not so powerful.

Roller chains created using ISO standard are often referred to as as isochains.


WHY Decide on US 

1. CZPT Quality Assurance System
2. Chopping-Edge Computer-Managed CNC Devices
3. Bespoke Answers from Very Skilled Specialists
4. Customization and OEM Available for Certain Application
five. In depth Stock of Spare Elements and Components
six. Properly-Designed Globally Advertising Community
seven. Efficient After-Sale Support System


The 219 sets of innovative automatic generation equipment supply ensures for large solution high quality. The 167 engineers and specialists with senior skilled titles can design and style and build merchandise to satisfy the specific calls for of consumers, and OEM customizations are also offered with us. Our audio world-wide provider community can offer consumers with well timed right after-product sales technical services.

We are not just a producer and supplier, but also an market expert. We perform pro-actively with you to offer expert suggestions and product suggestions in get to stop up with a most value successful solution obtainable for your specific application. The consumers we serve throughout the world variety from end users to distributors and OEMs. Our OEM replacements can be substituted where ever essential and ideal for each restore and new assemblies.


The push aspect is a worm. In get to blend the wheel/worm into a worm equipment, it must be ensured that the middle distance is equivalent and the transmission ratio is equivalent. Centre distances are available from inventory in tiny steps among 17mm and 80mm. Every single middle length has numerous equipment ratios. Ep worm gears are appropriate for the production of worm drives with a shaft angle of 90°. Employing a worm travel, really huge reduction ratios (up to 100:1) can be accomplished.

China Professional Transmission Belt Gearbox Parts General Duty Conveyor Short Pitch Precision Roller Chains and Bush Chains 04 B Series Hub Sprocket     manufacturer