China manufacturer 800mm 1000mm Alloy Wire Saw Wheel Professional

Item Description

The driving wheels, traveling wheels, major wheels is a parts of wire saw equipment for granite, marble, sandstone quarry/mining.

Moreover, we can offer rubber belt also, which is employed for complete the groove of wheels for lessen friction among diamond wire saw and wheels.

one. Driving wheels, flying wheels, major wheels for wire noticed machine.
2. Diam: 100mm, 800mm, 450mm, 400mm,380mm,200mm and many others (OEM)
three. Material: Alumiumn

You should advise us the pursuing when send out inquiry:

one. Diameter of the wheels you essential. (Standard 1: 380mm/550mm/600mm/800mm/1000mm and so on)
two. The sort of material
three. Centre hole dimensions
four. Particular requirement, if essential.

Apart from earlier mentioned mentioned 800mm 1000mm massive driving wheel, we also establishing 200mm, 300mm, 380mm, 400mm and 450mm little traveling wheels for 22kw block trimming wire noticed device and 37kw 45kw 55kw 75kw quarry wire noticed machines.

Relevant Quarry Consumables for Your Reference as beneath:


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China manufacturer 800mm 1000mm Alloy Wire Saw Wheel     Professional