China high quality Semi-Pneumatic Wheel Replace Murray 071132 for Lawn Mower supplier

Merchandise Description


Solution Description

Replace OEM:
Murray: 57132, 57132MA, 671132, 7771132MA, 71132, 7771132

Suit Types:
Murray: 25711x5E, 25713x199A, 25714x34A, 25711Ax92B, 25711Bx92B, 25713x18A, 25715x19C, 20405x50B, 20405x50C, 2571x50C, 2571x89B, 25711Ax92A, 2571x89A, 25710x50A, 25710x50B, 25710x50C, 25710x50D, 25710x8E, 25711x50A, 20465x31A, 20507x199A, 20507x199B, 20507x4A, 2571x50C, 25710x00A, 25710x50A, 25711x50A, 20605x31A, 20605x50A, 20605x6A, 20605x7A, 20605x8A, 20405x50D, 25711x19A, 20606x30B, 20606x30C, 20606x30E, 20606x50C, 20606x50D, 20606x50E, 20606x6C, 20606x82B, 20606x82C, 20606x8A, 20606x8B, 20607A, 20607x199A, 20607x30A, 20607x4A, 20607x71A, 20607x99B, 20608A, 20608B, 20608C, 20608x199A, 20608x199B, 20608x34B, 20608x4A, 20608x4B, 20608x4C, 20608x6A, 20608x6B, 20608x99A, 20608x99B, 206110x99A, 20615x51A, 20615x8A, 20615x8B, 20615x92A, 20616x50A, 20616x50B, 206230x99A, 206230x99B, 2 0571 0x192A, 2 0571 0x194A, 2 0571 0x92A, 2 0571 1x92A, 20645x8A, 20645x8B, 206510x31A, 20656x31A, 20656x8A, 20656x8B, 20665x31A, 20665x7A, 20665x8A, 20665x8B, 20705x51D, 20706x6B, 20706x6C, 20707x89A, 21876x50C, 21898x89B, 222390x31C, 22265x8J, 22315x8C, 223310x24D, 225110x00A, 22605x50B, 22605x51A, 228511x24B, 228511x8F, 228512x48A, 328 Versions, 25711Bx92A, 20606x30D, 25713x30A, 20405x50A, 20507x4B, 20606x30A

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Item Parameters

ID: 1/2″  OD: 8″  Hub Duration: 1 3/8″  Turf Tread

Our Advantages

one.Have our personal die-casting, machining, assembly workshop, high quality management office and logistics department to guarantee the quality and shipping and delivery time.
two.Amassed a lot creation experience to keep away from the protential failure mode of the merchandise, thereby making sure the product’s longevity.
3.Offer compatible components primarily for  AYP, Bobcat, Cub Cadet, Dixie Chopper, Exmark, Encore, Husqvarna, Hustler, John deer, MTD, Murray, Snapper, Toro, and so on.
4.Try out our best to control the value in purchase to provide the very best cost to our consumers.
five.Customization is available for people who need non-standardized areas. 

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CZPT items are the reputation of your organization. 


Q: Can you give free of charge samples for review and high quality test?
A: Of course,we can. But you need to have bear the freight.

Q: How about the delivery time?
A:It is usually fifteen to 20 doing work days right after receiving your payment. 
The particular shipping and delivery time  can be communicated in progress.

Q: Can we use our own freight forwarder?
A: Sure! We are far more inclined to dock with your freight forwarder.

Q: Do you have any special discounts?
A:It is dependent on  QTY and category.  As a professional producer, we will offer you with the most favorable price tag under the preCZPT of making sure item quality.

Q: What is your phrases of delivery?

The worm gear is composed of a worm and a worm wheel. It is the simultaneous height offset of vertical energy transfer. Typically, the drive component is a worm. In buy to blend the wheel/worm into a worm equipment, it is required to make sure that the center length is equivalent and the transmission ratio is equivalent. Heart distances are obtainable from stock in small methods among 17mm and 80mm. Every single heart length has several equipment ratios. The severe stress worm gear is suited for the generation of worm equipment drives with a shaft angle of 90°. Employing a worm drive, really large reduction ratios (up to 100:1) can be achieved.

China high quality Semi-Pneumatic Wheel Replace Murray 071132 for Lawn Mower     supplier