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Merchandise Description

Qualities: WCZPT pulley’s benefits are accurate and easy transmission, CZPT sound and sliding warp, conserving power, compact configuration, excellent oil, abrasion, damp resistance and so forth…It is good for transmission by numerous axisses.

Purpose: It is the exact same with the polluted and undesirable working problems. For illustration, machinery creating, vehicle, aeroplane, textile, war business, mine, metallurgy and so forth.

Kind: It can be differentiated by materials. For illustration, metal, solid iron, aluminum, plastic and specific material and so forth.

Tooth determine

Ribbed belt pulley’s flange dimension and its tolerance

Type Pitch The actual rib heigh The concept of rib higher
Radius at rib tip Radius at tooth room root Angle The least margins
PK three.56±0.05 three.sixty four-.4 four.89 .twenty five .four 40º±0.50 2.five
PL four.70±0.05 four.ninety six.46 .forty .four 40º±0.50 three.3
PM 9.40±0.08 ten.02-1. twelve.ninety one .75 .75 40º±0.fifty 6.four

Product materials:  synchronous pulley for general drive utilised by forty five # metal, aluminum, cast iron, nylon and other supplies Industry application:Utilised with belt
Merchandise features:Professional for all sorts of pulley  And customize numerous synchronous pulley in accordance to the specifications of buyers. Also can according to the buyer to give the transmission environment, parameters, and use need layout drawings, manufacturing and processing the pulley. Skilled processing of synchronous belt manufacturing mould, have the potential to generate all varieties of equipment parts.

Security PROVISIONS: Worm drives should not be employed as a locking mechanism to protected weighty objects, which may possibly cause injury or damage for the duration of reverse action. In non-possibly dangerous programs, self-locking is necessary to avoid reverse rotation, and then a low-pitch solitary-threaded worm is utilised to routinely lock the worm equipment to prevent reverse rotation.

China high quality Auto V-Ribbed Belt Tension Pulley     wholesaler