China Good quality TBB Scooter ISO Trailer Steel Solid Tyre Wheel Good quality

Product Description

tbb scooter iso trailer metal strong tyre wheel

one. Obtainable Measurements:
Providing all varieties of radial PCR tyre/tire from 12′ to 30′: 
one.Passenger car tires.
two.UHP tires.
3.Light truck tires.
four.M/T & A/T tires.
5.ST tires.
6.Winter tires.
seven.White sidewall / line tires.

Total Selection of Automobile Tire
12′ 13′ 14′ 15′ 16′ 17′ 18′
145/70R12  155/65R13 one hundred sixty five/60R14  one hundred thirty five/70R15  185/50R16  205/forty(Z)R17 215/35R18
  155/80R13 a hundred sixty five/70R14 a hundred and fifty five/60R15 195/45R16 205/45(Z)R17 215/40R18
one hundred sixty five/65R13  one hundred seventy five/60R14  185/55R15 205/50ZR16 205/50R17 225/40(Z)R18
165/70R13 one hundred seventy five/65R14 185/60R15  205/55ZR16 215/40R17 225/45(Z)R18
165/80R13  a hundred seventy five/70R14 185/65R15 205/60R16 215/forty five(Z)R17 235/forty(Z)R18
one hundred seventy five/60R13 185/55R14  195/45R15  215/55ZR16 215/50ZR17  235/45(Z)R18
175/70R13 185/60R14 195/50R15 215/60R16 215/55ZR17 235/55R18
185/70R13 185/65R14 195/55R15 215/65R16 225/45(Z)R17 245/40ZR18
  185/70R14 195/60R15 225/50ZR16 225/50R17 245/45(Z)R18
195/60R14 195/65R15 225/55ZR16 225/fifty five(Z)R17 255/45R18
195/70R14   205/60R15 225/60R16 225/60R17  
205/70R14 205/65R15 235/60R16 235/forty five(Z)R17
  205/70R15     245/45(Z)R17
19′ 20′ 22′ 24′ C series LT collection ST sequence
235/35(Z)R19 225/30R20 245/30ZR22  255/30ZR24  145R12C  5.00R12LT  ST175/80R13
245/35(Z)R19 225/35(Z)R20 255/30ZR22  305/35ZR24  155R12C 5.50R13LT  ST205/75R14
265/50R19 245/35R20 265/35ZR22    155R13C 31×10.50R15LT ST205/75R15
275/40R19 255/35R20 305/40ZR22  185R14C LT215/75R15 ST225/75R15
  275/40R20   195R14C LT235/75R15 ST235/80R16
275/45(Z)R20 185/75R16C LT215/85R16  
285/50ZR20  195/70R15C LT225/75R16
315/35R20 225/70R15C LT235/85R16
  225/65R16C LT245/75R16
6.50R15C LT265/75R16
7.00R15C LT285/75R16
six.50R16C LT245/75R17
seven.00R16C LT265/70R17

2. Available Patterns:

three.  Loading Photos:

1. Why decide on Blackstone Global Business Restricted ?
We consider pride in providing the 1st course tyres of Chinese manufacturer with entire ranges at competitive charges, blended with quality services and constant help.

two. What We Offer you?
In order to meet up with various marketplace requires, we provide a full assortment of Chinese brands. Apart from our private model BLACKSTONE, we can provide some quality brand name such as DOUBLECOIN, TRIANGLE, DOUBLESTAR, LONGMARCH, WESTLAKE, GOORIDE, GT RADIAL and ROADONE.

3. Why We Are Various?
Blackstone Tyre Co., Ltd. is your one particular window remedy for all your tyre sourcing demands from China. No matter how big or modest your company is, we are there to help you to accomplish a win-earn resolution for equally of our organizations.

With much more than twenty five several years of tyre sourcing & marketing expertise underneath our belt, we boast of introducing actual value to your enterprise with our complex knowledge, age-aged relationship & realistic pricing.

4. How You Can Gain?
1. You get what you need to have: numerous brand name tyres are accessible for clientele to pick from.
two. Quickly supply, aggressive value and great top quality.
three. Fantastic help to consumers with versatile payment terms.
four. Professional provider and regular assist .

Make contact with ME:

Ellen Fu
Blackstone International Business Restricted
Cellphone: 532 80925040

The advisable resources for the worm are hardened metal and bronze for the worm gear. However, dependent on the application, unhardened steel worms can operate sufficiently and much more economically on forged iron worm gears rated at fifty%. In addition to steel and hardened steel, worms are obtainable in stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and nylon worm gears are accessible in metal, hardened steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nylon, and non-metallic (phenolic).

China Good quality TBB Scooter ISO Trailer Steel Solid Tyre Wheel     Good quality