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Item Description

Solution Description:


Merchandise Specs:
Materials: Stainless metal,Alloy Metal,Brass,Copper,Aluminum,Aluminium alloy,Iron and many others.
Dimension: According to the drawing or sample
CZPT tolerance: IT5 – IT7,CT5-7
Generation Approach: Polish/Sand Blast/EDM/Milling/Texture/Grind/Pre-Remedy/Quenching/Lathe/Wire Minimize/Annealing/Mood and so on.
Machining tolerance: +/- .005mm,ISO2768-f,ISO-mk
Weight variety: .1Kg-120Kg
Dimensions:  ≤1200mm×800mm×400mm
Floor finishment: Ra1.6-Ra3.two

CZPT (metalworking)
    In metalworking, metallic is heated till it becomes liquid and is then poured into a mold. The mold is a hollow cavity that consists of the wanted form, but the mold also contains runners and risers that allow the steel to fill the mould. The mould and the metal are then cooled until the metallic solidifies. The solidified component (the casting) is then recovered from the mildew. Subsequent operations eliminate excessive content triggered by the casting process (this sort of as the runners and risers).


  Standard Possible
Designs: Slender-walled: Sophisticated
Reliable: Cylindrical
Sound: Cubic
Sound: Intricate
Slender-walled: Cylindrical
Slim-walled: Cubic
Element dimension: Weight: 1 oz – 450 ton
Supplies: Metals
Alloy Metal
Carbon Steel
Cast Iron
Stainless Metal
Surface end – Ra: three hundred – 600 μin one hundred twenty five – 2000 μin
Tolerance: ± .03 in. ± .015 in.
Max wall thickness: .125 – 5 in.  .09 – 40 in.
Advantages: Can create extremely massive components
Can type sophisticated shapes
Several material options
Reduced tooling and products expense
Scrap can be recycled
Short lead time achievable
Drawbacks: Poor materials strength
Higher porosity possible
Bad floor finish and tolerance
Seondary machining often necessary
Minimal generation charge
Higher labor value
Apps: Engine blocks and manifolds, equipment bases, gears, pulleys

Why alternatives us?

  • In China, we have more than 13 a long time of expertise in processing foreign firms for overseas businesses.
  • China company in HangZhou,not trade firm
  • Aggressive price and good services
  • ISO/SGS handed
  • Application: Automotive,health-related gadget, electronics, toy, household furniture, industrial etc

Our Products:

1. car components, traditional auto components

two. equipment areas, pump human body housing, engine components, cylinders, pistons, transmission housing.

three. cookware areas, kitchen area ware areas.

four. healthcare tools elements, housing, instrument housing, I beam, housing…and so forth. 

five. Bicycle and motocycle parts, activity gear parts, housings, handles, warmth sinks.

Our Coverage:

Innovation and developing in Approach

Higher amount of expertise

Fantastic quality

On-time delivery to consumer requirements



EP also sells equipment tooth measuring devices known as gear gauges! Gear gauges lessen glitches, saving time and funds when figuring out and ordering gears. These pitch templates have 9 groups to determine all standard pitch sizes: Diameter Pitch “DP”, Circle Pitch “CP”, External Involute Spline, Metric Modulus “MOD”, Quick Tooth, Fine Pitch, Coarse Pitch and Amazing Pitch .

China Free Design Custom Custom Sand Casting Parts Belt Pulley Wheel     Hot selling