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Conveyor belt grinding tungsten carbide grinding disc

How to choose an ideal rubber removal disc to fit your angle grinder ? 

In traditional rubber removal, we use metal wire wheel . because of its hardness is lower, it only can buffing quite slim surface area on rubber , for some rubber hardness reach sixty-65 Shore A, metal wire wheel can not have a good roughing impact.  and a single more defect of it is that it makes higher temperature during buffing procedure, which will burn rubber and make pursuing fix be tough . 

So tungsten carbide buffing disc is an best rubber elimination disc, mounted with appropriate angle grinder , we recommend low speed and high power sort , rubber removal disc will have a increased functionality.

1.Tungsten Carbide Grinding Disc is designed for buffing rubber and cloth. Make the area rougher to boost the bonding influence which the common wire wheels can not match, while keeping away from getting older approach of the the buffing surface.

two.Quicker buffing,enhance function performance.


The equipment ratio of the worm gear set is identified by dividing the number of teeth of the equipment by the variety of threads. As a result, single thread yields greater ratios than multithreading. All ep worm equipment bushings have still left or correct thread. ep worm equipment sets are offered in solitary, double, triple and quadruple threads.

China best Wholesale Tungsten Carbide Widia Disc     factory