China best Hot Sale Rice and Wheat Combine Harvester-Wheel Type (4LYZ-8F) manufacturer

Product Description

Very hot Sale Rice and Wheat Merge Harvester-Wheel Type (4LYZ-8F)

Double Threshing Cylinder Combine Harvester.
Euiqpped with 125Hp engine, 150hp motor optional. Gas Tank 140L fulfill the entire day’s operate.
Huge Equipment Box ZKB85 and big HST workflow 45CC.
Rubber Monitor 550/600*ninety*fifty six enure device perform effortlessly in deep mud field.
Cutting Width reaches 3.9m, which is mostly utilized for large farmland.
CZPT Tank capacity is 2.3m3

type 4LYZ-8F
structural fashion wheeled automatical whole feed 
DIMENSION(MM) 6100*3200*3350
engine brand name yuchai
sort YC4DK150-T301
power(kw) a hundred and ten
rated pace(r/m) 2600
fuel tank(L) 211
gear box Hydraulic continually variable Transmission + Mechanical transmission (Enhanced)
cab(y/n) Y
Minimum turning radius still left:6500.                                                  appropriate:7500
tyer drving wheel:14.9-24.                             information wheel:ten/75-fifteen.3
gauge(mm) drving wheel:1900                           manual wheel:1670(adju)
wheelbase(mm) 2960
minimum ground clearance 350
cutting width(mm) 2750
feeding cpacity(kg/s) eight
header lifting  hydraulic 
threshing&separating unit Axial stream variety with defeat bars
threshing cyclinder(mm) φ700*2520
operation portion Imported hydraulic infinitely variable speed(HST)+Digital cruise handle
separating kind vibrating sieves+centrifugal enthusiast
unloading way  car grain unloading,360 degrees
grain tank(m³) 2.eight
working performance(h/h) .2-1.2
crops rice,wheat ,corn

The ideal transmission decision is when substantial transmission reduction is essential. A worm equipment is similar to a helical gear with a throat cut to increase the outer diameter of the wheel. The throat allows the worm equipment to wrap entirely about the threads of the worm. By chopping the threads on the worm instead than the teeth, and by changing the number of threads, diverse ratios can be reached with out modifying the mounting arrangement. A unique feature of worm gears and worm equipment assemblies is their ability to avoid reverse rotation.

China best Hot Sale Rice and Wheat Combine Harvester-Wheel Type (4LYZ-8F)     manufacturer