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Conveyor belt grinding tungsten carbide grinding disc

How to select an ideal rubber removing disc to go well with your angle grinder ? 

In standard rubber removing, we use metal wire wheel . because of its hardness is minimal, it only can buffing quite skinny surface area on rubber , for some rubber hardness achieve 60-sixty five Shore A, metal wire wheel can not have a good roughing effect.  and a single more defect of it is that it produces substantial temperature in the course of buffing procedure, which will burn off rubber and make following restore be challenging . 

So tungsten carbide buffing disc is an best rubber elimination disc, fixed with appropriate angle grinder , we recommend low speed and high power type , rubber elimination disc will have a larger efficiency.

one.Tungsten Carbide Grinding Disc is developed for buffing rubber and fabric. Make the area rougher to boost the bonding impact which the common wire wheels can not match, although keeping away from growing older process of the the buffing surface.

2.Faster buffing,improve operate effectiveness.


Lubrication is an crucial aspect to boost the performance of worm gear transmission. The worm equipment motion generates a lot of heat, which lowers performance. The energy shipped at a provided temperature raises with the transmission efficiency. Suitable lubrication decreases friction and warmth, which raises performance.

China best Conveyor Belt Grinding Tungsten Carbide Grinding Disc     factory