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China AF type 30 Teeth gt2 Timing Pulley belt Width 30mm for 3D Printer Parts timing belt pulleys chain pulley

Relevant Industries: Producing Plant, Equipment Restore Shops, 3D printer
Substance: ALLOY
Color: Silver

AF sort 2GT 30 teeth Timing pulley use with 2GT width 30mm Timing belt for 3D printers

TypeAF type with bearing timing pulley
Model amount2GT
Teeth amount30
MaterialAluminum alloy

  • Thorough Pictures AF kind 2GT 30 enamel Timing pulley use with 2GT width 30mm Timing belt for 3D printers Dimensions Data Dimension Chart of This Design
    Packing&Shipping and delivery We use Foam rigid paper bag and cardboard boxes to pack the goods,We will pack the goods effectively. We will tell the customer as shortly as the merchandise are packed Firm Introduction HangZhou ox cnc engineering co. LTD was founded in 2019,Standing on a beautiful coastal city-HangZhou.Principal manufacturing and revenue of 3D printer accessories, Motorbike Rear Rims 2.75-twelve Inch. #428-34 tooth Sprocket 200mm Plate Disc Brake Vacuum Wheel Rim for Filth Pit Bicycle Motocross CNC Equipment parts,Such as Trapezoidal Screw, Aluminum Profile,Timing belt and Timing pulley, Bearing,Linear shaft……Our merchandise are favored by buyers at house and abroad, QSMOTOR with SIAYQ72180 Controller 138 4000W 90H 7500W Max continuous 72V 110KPH Mid push Motor conversion kit “To be greater”is what we have been trying to do,Reliable services and best high good quality products will display our CZPT and wonderful sense of cooperation。The goal of the business is mutual reward and CZPT with clients.Welcome any client to visit our organization! FAQ


    How to Assemble a Pulley System

    A pulley is a wheel that rotates on a shaft or shaft to support the movement of a taut cable. Pulleys allow power to be transmitted from the shaft to the cable.

    Simple pulley

    The simplest theory of operation of a pulley system assumes that the rope and weight are weightless and that the rope and pulley are not stretched. Since the force on the pulley is the same, the force on the pulley shaft must also be zero. Therefore, the force exerted on the pulley shaft is also distributed evenly between the two wires passing through the pulley. The force distribution is shown in Figure 1.
    The use of simple pulleys is as old as history. Before the Industrial Revolution, people relied on muscle strength to carry heavy loads. Pulleys, levers and ramps make this possible. Today, we can see pulleys in a variety of systems, from exercise equipment to garage doors, and even rock climbers use them to help them reach greater heights. As you can see, these simple machines have been around for centuries and are used in everyday life.
    Another simple pulley system is the pulley system. In this system, there is a fixed pulley at the top and a movable pulley at the bottom. The two pulleys are connected by a rope. This combination reduces the amount of work required to lift the load. Additionally, the ropes used in this system are usually made of rope and woven through the individual wheels of the pulley drum.
    A pulley is an ingenious device that distributes weight evenly and can be used to lift heavy objects. It is easy to build and can be easily modified for a wide range of activities. Even young children can make their own with very few materials. You can also use simple household items such as washing machines, thin textbooks and even chopsticks. It’s very useful and can be a great addition to your child’s science and engineering activities.
    The simplest pulley system is movable. The axis of the movable pulley can move freely in space. The load is attached to one end of the pulley and the other end to the stationary object. By applying force on the other end of the rope, the load is lifted. The force at the other end of the rope is equal to the force at the free end of the pulley.
    Another form of pulley is the compound pulley. Compound pulleys use two or more wheels to transmit force. Compound pulleys have two or more wheels and can lift heavier objects. Dim is POLE2.

    tapered pulley

    It is important to clean and align the bolt holes before assembling the tapered pulley. The screws should be lubricated and the threads cleaned before installation. To install the pulley, insert it into the shaft keyway. The keyway should be aligned with the shaft hole to prevent foreign matter from entering the pulley. Then, alternately tighten the bolts until the pulley is tightened to the desired torque.
    A tapered pulley is a basic structure. The pulley belt is arranged across four steps. Installed between the headstock casting and the main shaft, it is often used in the paper industry. It integrates with printing machinery and supports assembly lines. These pulleys are also available in metric range options, eliminating the need for ke-waying or re-drilling. They are easy to install, and users can even customize them to suit their needs.
    CZPT Private Limited is a company that provides unique products for various industries. This large product is used for many different purposes. Also, it is manufactured for industrial use. The company’s website provides detailed specifications for the product. If you need a tapered pulley, contact a company in your area today to purchase a quality product!
    Tapered pulleys are vital to paper mill machinery. Its special design and construction enable it to transmit power from the engine source to the drive components. The advantages of this pulley include low maintenance costs and high mechanical strength. Cone wheel diameters range from 10 inches to 74 inches. These pulleys are commonly used in paper mills as they offer low maintenance, high mechanical strength and low wear.
    A tapered sleeve connects the pulley to the shaft and forms an interference fit connector. The taper sleeve is fixed on the shaft with a key, and the corresponding inner hole is fixed on the shaft with a key. These features transmit torque and force to the pulley through friction. This allows the tapered pulley to move in a circular motion. The torque transfer characteristics of this pulley are most effective in high speed applications.
    The sleeve is the most important part when assembling the tapered pulley. There is an 8-degree taper inside the cone, which is closely connected to the inner surface of the pulley. Taper sleeves and pulleys are interchangeable. However, tapered pulleys can be damaged after prolonged use.

    pulley pulley system

    A pulley pulley system is a great way to move heavy objects. These systems have been around for centuries, dating back to the ancient Greeks. This simple mechanism enables a person to lift heavy objects. These blocks are usually made of rope, and the number of turns varies for different types of rope. Some blocks have more cords than others, which creates friction and interferes with the easy movement of the lifting system.
    When using a pulley pulley, the first thing to decide is which direction to pull. Unfavorable rigging means pulling in the opposite direction. In theory, this method is less efficient, but sometimes requires a certain amount of work space. The benefit is that you will increase the mechanical advantage of the pulley by pulling in the opposite direction. So the interception and tackle system will give you more of a mechanical advantage.
    Pulley pulleys are an excellent choice for lifting heavy objects. The system is simple to install and users can easily lift objects without extensive training. Figure 3.40 shows a pulley in action. In this photo, the person on the left is pulling a rope and tying the end of the rope to a weight. When the rope is attached to the load, the rope will be pulled over the pulley and pulley.
    The blocks on the blocks are attached to the ends of the rope. This creates unique lifting advantages compared to single-line systems. In Figure 3, the tension of each thread is equal to one-third of the unit weight. When the rope is pulled over the pulley, the force is divided equally between the two wires. The other pulley reverses the direction of the force, but that doesn’t add any advantage.
    Use pulleys to reduce traction and load. The weight of the load has not changed, but the length of the rope has increased. Using this method, lifting the load by pulling the rope four times reduces the force required to lift one foot. Likewise, if the pulley system had four pulleys instead of three, the length of the rope would be tripled.
    The system can transmit loads in any direction. Rope length is determined by multiplying the distance from the fixed block to the load by the mechanical advantage. If the mechanical advantage is 3:1, then passing the rope through the pulley 3 times will produce the required traction distance. Also, the length of the rope will depend on the mechanical advantage, so if the load is three times the length of the rope, it will be more than three times the required length.

    China AF type 30 Teeth gt2 Timing Pulley belt Width 30mm for 3D Printer Parts timing belt pulleys     chain pulleyChina AF type 30 Teeth gt2 Timing Pulley belt Width 30mm for 3D Printer Parts timing belt pulleys     chain pulley
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    China Good quality Gt2 16teeth 3mm Bore Aluminum Timing Belt Idler Pulley for 3D Printer 6mm Width Timing Belt Best Sales

    Solution Description

     GT2 16Teeth 3mm Bore Aluminum Timing Belt Loafer Pulley for 3D Printer 6mm Width Timing Belt



    1)   Mechanical producing.
    2)   Electronics
    3)   Furniture Merchandise
    4)   Auto parts
    5)   Lights
    6)   Medical appliance
    7)   Boats
    8)   Electronic items.
    9)   Building
    10) Other individuals



    1)Aggressive price 

    two)Diversified rich experienced skilled workers( Above 18 many years).

    three)Continuance services and help.

    four)Top quality,reliability and prolonged solution life.

    5)Experienced,ideal and excellence,but easy design, OEM are obtainable.

    six)Serviced for: Foxconn Tec,Sanyo Electronics,H1ywell International,Kimball Furniture…and many others

    Business Conditions

    MOQ Small amount for tests are accessible
    Terms FOB HangZhou /CFR /CIF/Exw
    Payment T/T thirty % deposit, 70% balance payment prior to shipment
    Direct Time 7-25 functioning days,it is depand on the order amount
    Sample Availablity Making sample within 7 days cost-free of charge if we have current tooling
    Warranty  3 Years 



    A. How to get the supply for merchandise ?
    Drawing or size specifics & Materials & Amount data offered,then we will quotation the very best value for you.

    B. How to Bundle ?
    The things are put in plastic bags,Then set into Hardened Carton box,Very last is on the pallet. Or According to customers’ essential.

    C. When is the supply time ?
    Shipping and delivery will take place between 10-fifteen functioning times from get verified, Moved quicker supply time can be authorized if Urgently.

    D.What is the MOQ ?
    To commence of our great organization connection, we will try our greatest to satisfy your requires. Welcome to little demo order for tests.

     E.What is you payment strategy ?

    Paypal, T/T,Westeern Union,M1ygram,or others.

    Copy and Refund Plan

    Po10tial Redund Issue

    1. Products acquired do not match the image or description.

         a.return for exchange–Return the items and we will resend the get as shortly as we obtain confirmation that the goods have shipped.

         b. Return for Refund–We will refund the payment as quickly as our business receives the products by return again.

    two. Goods do not satisfy top quality expectations or have some other quality concerns.

        a.return for exchange–Consumers do not want to deliver the products back again, They can alternatively supply photographs that evidently exhibits the troubles.

         b. Return for refund- Customer do not need to send the items back,they can alternatively give photographs that evidently shows the difficulties



    ep has a broad selection of pulleys in inventory and ready to ship. All spare pulleys are created of large-grade aluminum and have pilot holes as regular. Flanges are manufactured of metal zinc sheet if necessary, but you can specify other resources by custom purchase. Inventory aluminum pulleys are accessible in imperial and metric pitches. We can modify stock pulleys according to your specifications. You can make contact with customer service for pricing and shipping and delivery.
    We have a broad 1/2″ rope ability pulley for useful redirection, light-weight rigging, rescue, and mechanical advantage methods. We have much more pulleys in the adhering to back links many of them also make as excellent as the ones underneath Modest pulley.

    China Good quality Gt2 16teeth 3mm Bore Aluminum Timing Belt Idler Pulley for 3D Printer 6mm Width Timing Belt     Best Sales

    China Good quality 3D Printer Timing Belt Pulley Timing Pulley Idler Pulley wholesaler

    Merchandise Description

    Item Description

    Aluminum/C45 Timing Belt  Pulley

     Product  Name Aluminium Timing Pulley MXL XL L H XH XXH T2.5 T5 T10 AT5 AT10 S2M S3M S5M S8M GT2 GT3 GT5 3M 5M 8M Tooth timing Belt Pulley
    Teeth profile  Trapezoidal toothed  MXL, XXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH
     T-toothed  T2.5, T5, T10, T20
     Arc toothed  HTD3M, HTD5M, HTD8M, HTD14M, HTD20M, Gt2,  Gt3, Gt5
     S-toothed  S2M, S3M, S4.5M, S5M, S8M, S14M
     Parabolic-toothed  P2M, P3M, P5M, P8M, P14M
     Y-toothed  G2M, G3M, G5M, Y8M
     Teeth Quantity  10-one hundred fifty enamel or customized
     Inner Bore  2-200mm H7 precision or tailored
    Belt width  4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1.5”, 2”or customized
    Substance carbon metal C45, CZPT 6061, 6082
    Surface  treatment  Anodize,Black Oxide,Phosphate, Galvanization, Nitriding, Dichromate


    Thorough Photographs



    Timing pulley used on conveyor roller 




    Lathe equipment, Hobbing device,Drilling equipment,CNC device,Milling machine, and many others



    Q1: Are you buying and selling company or manufacturer ?
    A: We are factory.

    Q2: How extended is your supply time and cargo?
    1.Sample Guide-times: ten-20 times.
    2.Creation Lead-moments: thirty-forty five times following purchase confirmed.

    Q3: What is your rewards?
    one. The most competitive value and good good quality.
    two. Ideal technical engineers give you the very best support.
    3. OEM is offered.



    The main gain of worm gears is their potential to provide high reduction ratios and correspondingly large torque multipliers. They can also be utilised as reducers for reduced to medium velocity purposes. Also, due to the fact their reduction ratio is based mostly on the amount of tooth on the gear, they are a lot more compact than other varieties of gears. Like fantastic pitch leadscrews, worm gears are usually self-locking, creating them perfect for hoisting and hoisting programs.

    China Good quality 3D Printer Timing Belt Pulley Timing Pulley Idler Pulley     wholesaler

    China Free Design Custom Gt2 Timing Pulley 30 Tooth 2gt Pulley Wheel Bore 5mm 6.35mm 8mm Aluminium Gear Belt Width 10mm 3D Printer Part Good quality

    Solution Description

    GT2 Timing Pulley thirty Tooth 2GT Pulley Wheel Bore 5mm 6.35mm 8mm Aluminium Equipment Belt Width 10mm 3D Printer Part

    GT2 Timing Pulleys 30 36 forty sixty Tooth 2GT Wheel Components Bore 5mm 8mm Aluminium Equipment Enamel Width 6mm 10mm 3D Printers Part
    GT2 Timing Pulley 2GT 40 Tooth Teeth Bore 5/6/6.35/8/ten/12mm Synchronous Wheels Width 6/9/10mm Belt 3D Printer Components
    we have 3 types of this pulleys
    1. 30tooth width 10mm bore 5mm
    two. 30tooth width 10mm bore 6.35mm
    3. 30tooth width 10mm bore 8mm
    make sure you make sure what is kind of your selection, check out it again when you pay it,
    (T: tooth        W: width        B: bore)
    Teeth:thirty Tooth

    The effectiveness of a worm gear transmission depends to a big extent on the helix angle of the worm. Multi-threaded worms and gears with greater helix angles have confirmed to be 25% to fifty% much more successful than single-threaded worms. The sliding motion of the worm meshing with or meshing with the worm gear outcomes in appreciable friction and loss of performance compared to other sorts of gears. Enhance efficiency with hardened and ground worm switch bronze worm gears.

    China Free Design Custom Gt2 Timing Pulley 30 Tooth 2gt Pulley Wheel Bore 5mm 6.35mm 8mm Aluminium Gear Belt Width 10mm 3D Printer Part     Good top quality

    China factory Olearn 16 Teeth 5mm Bore Timing Pulley Gt2 Aluminium Alloy Synchronous Wheel for 6mm Width Belt 3D Printer CNC Mechanical Drive Silver Engineering

    Merchandise Description

             Olearn Timing Pulley GT2 Aluminium Alloy Synchronous Wheel

    Our organization sale Various Dimensions  3D printer parts and CNC Equipment parts. 
    Because of some items not confirmed here, If you can’t found some item what you want in our keep, pls contact us with your request, we will make great quotation for you, thanks!


    • Tooth: 16T, Bore Diameter: 5mm. Total size: fourteen*fourteen*14mm
    • Synchronous Wheel produced of large good quality CZPT Alloy, excellently machined, completed effortlessly and lengthier provider existence
    • Contact with the 16 tooth facet which minimizes the risk of the belt slipping. Applies to 6mm width belt!
    • GT2 sixteen Teeth Timing Pulley supplying a smoother changeover in between belt, very good performance for 3D printers
    • GT2 timing belt pulley program particularly suited for linear motion and positioning. Broadly employed in 3D printer, milling equipment, gear shaper, drilling equipment, CNC motor lathe, hobbing equipment or other equipment transmission events



    Our Company 

    OLEARN is trademark manufacturer in China, owned by HangZhou OLEARN TechCZPT Co., Ltd.
    We target on generic 3D printer elements and CNC components, inventory all of them for quick shipping and delivery.
    Welcome to inquiry for a lot more detail about 3d printer spare areas and cnc elements.
    Below is our business office world wide web, welcome to open up and look through!

    Howdy everybody,If you want to buy merchandise from China, make sure you give me your merchandise checklist, permit me give you a quote. Our organization is focused on supplying CNC/3D PRINTER areas and accessories. We have our very own CNC processing plant, and cooperate with some other factories, this will assist control charges and make certain good quality.
    If you want to function with person who can make your china sourching perform a lot more practical and successful,our company will be your ideal pick!


    – We settle for T/T,Western Union and Paypal.


    Shipping and delivery
    For the supply issue, we cooperate with a expert forwarder business which would deal with all the issues for you during the supply approach with 7~10 functioning days sCZPT rapidly arrival time. 
    Also if you experienced official Convey Account, we can also provide the products to you via Formal Express straight.

    Q:What is the products ready time?
    A:If we have sufficient models in stock, the items ready time would be within 3 working days.

    Q:Do you give samples ? is it totally free or extra ?
    A: Sure, we could supply the sample for cost-free charge but do not spend the price of freight.

    Q:What’s your value term.
    A: Normally FOB CIF CFR EX-work,DDP,DDU and so forth.

    As the most compact small precision gear program, worm gear sets give higher reduction ratios in a very tiny place. Worm equipment sets transmit motion between disjoint proper-angle shafts and offer the quietest, smoothest managing procedure of any equipment variety.

    China factory Olearn 16 Teeth 5mm Bore Timing Pulley Gt2 Aluminium Alloy Synchronous Wheel for 6mm Width Belt 3D Printer CNC Mechanical Drive Silver     Engineering

    China high quality Annilte Gt2 Timing Belt Pulley 20 Teeth 6.35mm Bore Timing Pulley Aluminum Wheel for 3D Printer 6mm Width Gt2 Timing Belt Great quality

    Product Description


    Item Name

    Steel Timing Pulley


    one calendar year



    Applicable Industries

    Manufacturing Plant, Equipment Repair Outlets, Farms, Construction functions , Other, Textile Machinery

    Tailored support

    OEM, ODM

    Area of Origin


    Model Identify


    Item name

    Timing Belt Pulley





    1. Manufacturing facility directly source ,  we can continue to give a steady supply                                        
    two. Many several years manufacture experience , prime high quality guaranteed by experienced workers, handling program and status of  facilities.
    three. Competitive and realistic price 
    4. OEM service, we can do as your drawings or samples 
    five. Good quality Ensure, 100% examine ahead of delivery
    6. Excellent following-sale support, Our wokers are all specialist and all can speak English. 
    7. Timely shipping,  We have several extended cooperation provider. supply One particular-Cease support
    8. Substantial-tech CNC Machines
    nine. Independent Engineering Office

    10.Types of floor remedy—Zinc Plating, Powder Coating, Anodizing, Chrome Plate, RoHs .etc .









    one.Q:Are you a company or a investing business?
    A:We are a specialist maker with twenty a long time of business encounter

    two.Q:What about the guide time?
    A: 2–3 times for sample 15–thirty times for mass production. If urgent,we have green channel.

    3.Q:Do you have any MOQ limit for conveyor belt order?
    A: Low MOQ, 1pc for sample checking is obtainable

    4.Q: What are the advantages when compared with other suppliers?
    A: We have 6 production lines, a creation base of 10300 sq. meters, an annual output of 900 million square meters, 8900 enterprises feel us, and we are hugely praised

    5.Q: Do you have pre-sale support?
    A: Of system, we have two engineers at the exact same time to serve you, can assist you select the most suited conveyor belt for you, you can also pay a visit to our manufacturing base, we welcome you very much

    Worm gears are right angle drives that give large gear ratios with fairly quick centre-to-middle distances from 1/4″ to eleven”. When appropriately installed and lubricated, they serve as the quietest, smoothest-operating equipment type. Due to the fact worm equipment drives can achieve higher gear ratios, optimum reduction can be attained in a smaller sized area than numerous other varieties of equipment drives. The worm and worm equipment run at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.

    China high quality Annilte Gt2 Timing Belt Pulley 20 Teeth 6.35mm Bore Timing Pulley Aluminum Wheel for 3D Printer 6mm Width Gt2 Timing Belt     Wonderful quality