China supplier Ceramic/Tungsten carbide Coating Tyre Cord Drawing Pulley V Belt Pulley Wheel Idler Pulleys high quality

Solution Description

We are specialist Ceramic&solTungsten carbide CZPT  Tyre Cord Drawing Pulley V Belt Pulley Wheel Idler Pulleys factory from china

1&periodMaking equippment
Supetsonic equipmetn&lparHVOF&rpar&commaflame powdet spray products
two&periodTypical coat&lparTungsten carbide &rpar&colonCO-WC coat&commaself-fusion alloy&in addition&lpar30-fifty&rpar&percntWC coat
3&periodMain traits
Supet-tough abrasion-resisting
Anti-medium erosion higher mixture intension
Surface roughness Ra &period1
Heat treatment&colon
Normalized &sol Annealed &sol Quenched &sol tempered
Surface Treatment&colon
painting&commaplating&commapolishing&commablack oxide&commatransparent anti-rust oil
Quality control&colon
UT&commaMT&commaRT&commaPT&commachemical composition test&commamechanical property test&commaetc&period
1&comma Raw material certificate&lparmaterial chemical composition&rpar 2&comma Heat treatment sheet report
three&comma Dimension inspection report      4&comma UT test report 
Delivery condition&colon
Hot forged &plusRough machined &lparblack surface after Q &solT&rpar&plus Turned 
Competitive Advantage&colon
Quality control and management to the whole produce process&comma including ingot smelting&comma forging&comma heat treatment&comma machining and strictly final inspection prior to delivery&interval
Excellent product quality and service&comma competitive price&comma “in-time” delivery


Capacity Quantity
3600Thydraulic press Max&period single forging in 18T one
2000T hydraulic press Max&period single forging in 9T two
800 hydraulic press Max&period single forging in 5T one
6T electrical hydraulic hammer Max&periodsingle forging in 5T 1
3T electrical hydraulic hammer Max&periodsingle forging in3T one
Air hammer Max&periodsingle forging from250kg to 1000kg 7
Forging operation machine Max&periodsinge forging from20T-5T seven
Heat treatment Furance Max&period8000&ast5000&ast1500mm eleven
CNC driling machine Max&period5000mm two
Vertical lathe From 1600 to 5000mm 60
Horizontal lathe Max&period5000mm 70
Band sawing machine 260-1300mm 36

EP also sells equipment tooth measuring devices known as equipment gauges! Gear gauges lessen errors, saving time and income when pinpointing and purchasing gears. These pitch templates have 9 teams to decide all common pitch measurements: Diameter Pitch “DP”, Circle Pitch “CP”, External Involute Spline, Metric Modulus “MOD”, Brief Tooth, Wonderful Pitch, Coarse Pitch and Remarkable Pitch .

China supplier Ceramic/Tungsten carbide Coating Tyre Cord Drawing Pulley V Belt Pulley Wheel Idler Pulleys     high quality