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POM(Polyformaldehyde) is a engineering plastics of non-facet-chain, high density, substantial crystalline and linear polymer, which is praised “Plastic Metal”, and has comprehensive outstanding performances, these kinds of as: Dress in-resistance, higher hardness, anti-impregnant, good rigidity (Tensile modulus of elasticity), chemical security, isolation resistance and dimensional stability. POM has extensively used in Auto industries, electronic and electric goods, commodity, CZPT & fittings, specific equipment and so on, which can be as an alternative of the bronze, Zinc, tin and other metals.

Other than POM-H is of10 copolymerized with ethylene oxide with each other, in buy to stay away from the melting of POM substance in the high temperature. POM-H has the much better performances than POM-C in its higher crystalline, mechanical toughness and rigidity. And POM-C has the far better performances than POM-H in its minimal melting point, temperature stability, fluxion attribute and machining ability.
Father more, POM-H+PTFE, which is created from the Delrin POM Resin that maxed Teflon fiber symmetrically, has the minimal co-efficient of frication, excellent lubrication, wear-resistance, non-creepage resistance.

Car industries: POM has a huge application in auto industries, because the mechanical parts created by POM, which has the positive aspects of higher mechanical energy, substantial hardness, great dress in-resistance, minimal co-successful of friction, effortless to sustain, minimizing price and so on, can be used in automobiles instead of coppery half stalk and world gear. It not only saving copper supplies, but also improving provider daily life. At the motor gasoline method, comp1nts for hose valves and case cover of radiator, CZPT fluid’s standby case, h2o valve, oil box’ go over, pump impeller, shell of gasification machine and accelerator pedal and so on.

Digital and electric Industries: Due to the fact of its lower electricity consuming, substantial dielectric toughness and insulation resistance and digital arc resistance, POM has widely used in electronic and electrical Industries, such as: Shell of digital spanner, shell of electronic scissors, shell of coal drilling device, deal with of swap, areas also for ph1, wireless recorder, online video tape recorder, television, laptop, electrograph, calculagraph, bracket of recorder tape and so on.

Agricultural device: Element of handbook sprayer, joint and transport part of seeder, parts of milk equipment, shell of irrigation and drainage, valve, joint and bush of water and so on.

Other field:
Pharmacy & packing Equipment: Transporting screw, world equipment, equipment bar, chain wheel and cushion bar and so on.
Construction industries: Water faucet, window body, clean pot, water tank, pulley for portiere, shell of h2o meter and tie-in of water pipe.

Property Item No. Device POM-C POM-H POM-H+PTFE
Mechanical Homes 1 Density g/cm3 one.41 1.43 one.fifty
two  Water absorption(23ºCin air) % .20 .twenty .seventeen
3 Tensile power MPa sixty eight seventy eight fifty five
four Tensile pressure at break % 35 35 10
5 Compressive stress(at 2%nominal strain) MPa 35 forty 37
six Charpy influence toughness (unnotched) KJ/m 2 ≥150 ≥200 ≥30
seven Charpy affect toughness (notched) KJ/m two 7 10 3
eight Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3100 3600 3200
nine Ball indentation hardness N/mm two 140 160 140
  ten Rockwell hardness M84 M88 M84


Lively Pulley: The “enter” pulley in a twin-pulley program. The shaft of this pulley is pushed by something like a motor, a crank, or maybe yet another pulley in bigger methods. This pulley controls the motion of the belt.
Fixed pulleys are pulleys that hold the drum at one particular point. Whilst the force needed to lift or shift an object is no various than lifting it with your arms, stationary pulleys allow you to change the path of the necessary power. For instance, when connected to a bucket that draws h2o from a well, a stationary water puller allows you to pull the water sideways, lifting the bucket in a more hassle-free way than pulling it vertically, a single hand at a time. The fat of the bucket is nevertheless the same, but it is less difficult to raise.

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