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Product material: HT200

Suitable for: mechanical lathes

Item introduction: the advantages of pulley push: pulley travel can ease the impact of load Pulley push managing efficiently, lower sounds, low vibration The framework of the pulley generate is straightforward and straightforward to change. Pulley transmission for pulley production and set up accuracy is not as rigorous as meshing transmission The pulley transmission has the function of overload defense The adjustment selection of centre distance among 2 shafts of pulley transmission is massive. The negatives of belt push are: pulley generate elastic sliding and skid, lower transmission performance and can not preserve precise transmission ratio When the pulley transmission transmits the exact same huge circumferential power, the contour size and the strain on the shaft are greater than that of the meshing transmission. Pulley generate belt has shorter daily life

Item name: pulley

Kind dimension: different versions (can be custom-made)

Materials: forged iron/solid steel /(can be tailored)

Standard sort: national common

Relevant machine: CNC lathe


Pulley, belongs to the wheel hub course areas, typically relative measurement is reasonably huge, the producing procedure is generally solid, forging. The basic dimensions of the more substantial layout for the CZPT technique, the material is normally cast iron (casting functionality is very good), seldom solid steel (metal CZPT efficiency is not good) Generally small size, can be created for forging, the materials is metal

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Production demands

Pulley content and generation specifications

1. The belt pulley utilized for the ventilator is made of gray cast iron HT200,HT250, etc. (but metal, copper, aluminum, etc., can also be employed according to customer demands).

two. The pulley ought to meet: mild w8, uniform mass distribution, get rid of the internal tension developed in the manufacturing, pulley must be static balance correction.

The belt specification

The specifications of the triangle belt are divided by the size of the back width (top width) and the h8 (thick). According to the various measurement of the back again width (top width) and the h8 (thick), the nationwide standard supplies the O, A, B, C, D, E and other models of the triangle belt. The section width, prime width and h8 of each and every sort of the triangle belt are not the exact same. So the pulley should be manufactured according to the form of the triangle belt a assortment of groove These different slots. It establishes the pulley O pulley, A pulley, B pulley, C pulley, D pulley, E pulley and other sorts of pulley.

A movable pulley is a pulley exactly where when you move a large object, the drum moves with it. There is no modify in the route of the force you want to apply, but the load will “really feel” lighter than it in fact is. For instance, if you happen to be hauling a heavy hay bale up the barn’s attic, a moveable pulley will make the load truly feel a great deal lighter, even even though you are pulling in the exact same route.
Idler: A driven wheel that does not transmit energy by way of a shaft. It spins freely, and most driven pulleys are connected to other gear, such as wheels or drives, through driveshafts.

China OEM Hot Sale European Standard SPA Spb Spc Spz Cast Iron Taper V Belt Pulley with Taper Bush     supplier