China OEM Abrasive Disc Standard

Solution Description

Conveyor belt grinding tungsten carbide grinding disc

How to choose an ideal rubber removing disc to suit your angle grinder ? 

In conventional rubber elimination, we use metal wire wheel . because of its hardness is lower, it only can buffing extremely slim floor on rubber , for some rubber hardness achieve 60-sixty five Shore A, steel wire wheel can not have a good roughing influence.  and one particular more defect of it is that it makes higher temperature throughout buffing method, which will burn off rubber and make pursuing restore be challenging . 

So tungsten carbide buffing disc is an perfect rubber elimination disc, fastened with appropriate angle grinder , we recommend low velocity and higher electricity sort , rubber removing disc will have a greater efficiency.

one.Tungsten Carbide Grinding Disc is created for buffing rubber and fabric. Make the surface area rougher to boost the bonding effect which the normal wire wheels can not match, although avoiding ageing process of the the buffing floor.

2.Quicker buffing,enhance operate effectiveness.


Ep’s item assortment only includes bronze worm gears. The reason is easy, bronze guarantees the very best sliding and dry working houses in contrast to other components. The aluminium content material also guarantees substantial chemical resistance. Worm gears are perfect for continuous procedure at high speed and torque.

China OEM Abrasive Disc     Standard