China Hot selling Air Dehumidifier Low Dew Point Rotary/Wheel/Runner Absorbent for Absorption Rotor Industrial Dryer for Plastics Pet Resin Polymer high quality

Merchandise Description

all-in-one Dehumidifier

       Desiccant materials (zeolite molecular sieves) is coated on the internal floor of the honeycomb structure guaranteeing a large absorbing capacity and zero dust emission.Steady regeneration process and close loop cooling period for high performance and constant dew point amount.

      The Honeycomb Wheel dryers are equipped with a microprocessor system which keeps consistent the set temperature .
      From the handle keypad it is possible to exhibit and established the parameters and the operating modes and see warning messages.
       Once the procedure temperature has been chosen, the microprocessor automatically sets the safety temperature inside the whole rang of functioning temperatures, thus ensuring the optimum operational safety.
        Reduction down to 30% of the electric power usage by honeycomb rotor solution and the complete recovery of the regeneration air. The surplus heat getting out of the honeycomb wheel is employed to pre-heat the inlet air
      No expense for the consumption or relationship of cooling drinking water or compressed air the device simply requires electricity for functioning 
      Duration of use 50% higher than classic types: in average usage conditions the molecular sieve wheel overcomes the 10 a long time of operation.              The wheel technique does not require maintenance, due to the fact it has no moving mechanical component and the belt turning the wheel does not need to have to be lubricated
       Constant Dew Stage, with no fluctuation, with adjustable values for approach optimization.
       Guaranteed absence of dust and of materials contamination. The Honeycomb Wheel dryers are ideal for software in the healthcare field and in the optical sector.
       Complete obtain to all the unit’s components by just removing the aspect panels for maintenance operations.
       Flexible and modular configuration: the drying hopper can be mounted on the processing machine or beside it, or placed on a trolley. The two single-hopper and multi-hopper versions are available

Device appear

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China Hot selling Air Dehumidifier Low Dew Point Rotary/Wheel/Runner Absorbent for Absorption Rotor Industrial Dryer for Plastics Pet Resin Polymer     high quality