China Best Sales Non Woven Abrasive Wheel 8″X2″ U0/4p Maroon Alox for Stainless Steel/Wood/Metal/Varnish Free Design Custom

Product Description

one.Technological Paramter:

Colour: Brown, gray(black), white, pink, green
Dimensions: 4″-20″
Width: 1″-3″
Density: 3P-12P
Grit: 80#-320#
Abrasive: Aluminium oxide(A/O), inexperienced/black silicon carbide (S/C), white aluminium oxide(W/A)


(1). Brown/maroon
Abrasive: Aluminium oxide
Reducing electrical power for aluminum castings, hand equipment, knives, stainless steel iron goods, this sort of as the modification of metal workpieces and grinding, steel cleansing rust, welding level of the thoroughly clean-up, modification of a variety of castings, cast grinding, the edges to remove the castings superb benefits.

(2). Gray/ black
Abrasive: Silicon carbide
Reducing electricity for aluminum castings, hand equipment, knives, stainless metal iron items, this sort of as the modification of metallic workpieces and grinding, metal cleaning rust, welding position of the clear-up, modification of a selection of castings, forged grinding, the edges to get rid of the castings outstanding outcomes.

(3). Red/white
Abrasive: White aluminium oxide
Workpiece for electroplating steel wire drawing processing, drawing fast, the Silk Road distinct, effective, no residue, no black. Of zinc alloy, chrome-plated difficult texture of the workpiece, such as the extremely robust performance. For copper wire drawing elements, need to have to decide on the comfortable round of the drawing, so as not to pull the poor areas Nickel workpieces for wire drawing, the standard hardness is typically the drawing round 5P And chose thicker coating hardness for the drawing spherical 7P much better (mostly for the lock-sort). The edge of the drawing tool might be the hardness of sand for the 5P or 7P No. 240 # spherical the drawing. For aluminum goods, advise the use of pre-plated hardness of sand 7P No. 180 # -320 # for drawing the round.

(4). Environmentally friendly
Abrasive: Environmentally friendly silicon carbide
For applications that call for exact and meticulous work, grinding does not generate sleek and still left since of higher-pressure places, reduce problems, does not modify the unique bodyweight of the workpiece, for stainless steel, titanium and other materials, this sort of as insulating glass, cutlery, knives, initial-class golf can engage in a really great effect. Following grinding parabolic exceptional brightness, it is to meet up with international demands for the item brightness.


Specification Density Grit Qty N.W G.W Measurement
      (pcs/ctn) (kgs) (kgs) (m3)
6″X2″ 5P 240# 50 fourteen.5 sixteen.five 42cmX42cmX53cm
7P 240# fifty eighteen.five 20.5 42cmX42cmX53cm
8″X2″ 3P 240# 50 eighteen 20 44cmX44cmX68cm
4P 240# fifty 22 24 44cmX44cmX68cm
5P 240# 50 twenty five 27 44cmX44cmX68cm
7P 240# 50 30 32 44cmX44cmX68cm
9P 240# fifty 37.5 39.5 44cmX44cmX68cm
12P 240# 50 forty 42 44cmX44cmX68cm
14P 240# 50 43 forty five 44cmX44cmX68cm
8″X2.5″ 9P 240# forty 38 40 44cmX44cmX67cm
12P 240# 40 40 42 44cmX44cmX67cm
8″X3″ 9P 240# thirty 34.five 36.five 44cmX44cmX63cm
12P 240# 30 36 38 44cmX44cmX63cm
10″X2″ 5P 240# twenty thirteen.5 15.five 52cmX27cmX53cm
12P 240# 20 twenty five 27 52cmX27cmX53cm
ten”X2.5″ 12P 240# 20 31 33 52cmX27cmX66cm
ten”X3″ 12P 240# 10 18.five twenty.5 52cmX27cmX40cm

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